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Masti mazaa karne ka aaya time,
feeling as if on cloud nine,
it's time to party harder than always,
because rang layee hain bahut saari prays.



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Love is a dream,
So far so good.
It feels as the best,
until it puts you to test.



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A bell rings in my heart today,
No words,do not know what to say,
A new feeling seems to have crept in,
May everything lose,this feeling win.



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A new desire has aroused,
In which i have droused,
Feelings are totally mixed,
Colors of it variable,not fixed.



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A beautiful day is saying goodbye,
Wish it heartily,Do not feel shy,
Plan your wishes for days to follow,
So that Your life is successful and not hollow


As i step into the 9th day of 2010

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As today the world steps into the 9th day of 2010,some lines for some people are required(this idea belongs to a friend of mine,who would get the mention for it in this post):

My Family Its a new year,a new beginning.There for you and would love to keep up more than all your expectations from me..Love You.

Mohua We should remain the same as we are for each other forever and for always baby.

Priyanka,Kamini,Sagar,ChikkiGuys this year is crucial for all of us...Exams and results all lined up in a line...starting ofcourse with mine..We should still have all the masti and fun,inspite of the schedules of some of us,along with studies too......(CA students ki life mein ye studies word kyun chipka rehta hai)

Shailesh Thanks for the mention on your blog.Infact actually no thanks..Thanks for this idea(Finally given you the credit for it)..Almost a year and inspite of all our issues that keep coming up,we've maintained or bond of friendship...Cheerz...Even your results are round the corner,may the best happen to you...

Vineet Singhal and Gaurav Sharma Vineet keeps up the friendship by reminding daily that we are all alive and need to be in contact..The baniya does this inspite of his baniya-giri....May the world say whatever..we are best of friends...Jitni baatein karaalo...hum dono chup nhi honge...I guess this is the mantra we follow....And Gaurav is the gem of a person.In his subtle ways and mannerisms,he cares for his friends and keeps the pace of the friendship we three share.

Hena,Mirang and KushalEnded the last year by meeting..Guys and Girl we need to meet up more often this year now...Its only then that the leg pulling would be regular and so would be our vibrant friendship since school times..Cheers to the batch of 2005 at SFS

Anurup We should continue to be friends as we are and should start updating our latest blog...You keep clicking and i would pen down the expressions....And one thing that i have learnt from you is really good :"Forget what people say,consider what you are to yourself"

And all my other friends(known and unknown)(remembered and forgotten)Happy new yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



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Planning to write something new,
Feelings are vast and words are few,
will this feeling stay for long,
Or vanish like drops of dew........