2G Scam finally sees day !!!

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2G scam: Court orders framing of charges against Raja, Kanimozhi and other 15 accused

The special CBI court on Saturday ordered framing of charges against 17 accused including former Telecom Minister A Raja and DMK MP Kanimozhi. Court has allowed the CBI to file a fresh plea to invoke charge of criminal breach of trust against Raja and two other public servants in the case.All 17 accused, including DMK MP Kanimozhi, have sought time to peruse the court order before framing of charges. They have been charged for various offences of the IPC dealing with criminal conspiracy, forgery and cheating. Besides these, Raja and other public servants have been charged with misuse of official position punishable under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Besides Raja and Kanimozhi, other accused in the case include the minister's former Private Secretary R K Chandolia, former Telecom Secretary Siddhartha Behura, DMK-run Kalaignar TV's MD Sharad Kumar, Bollywood filmmaker Karim Morani and Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group's executives Gautam Doshi, Hari Nair and Surendra Pipara.

Besides telecom firms Reliance Telecom Ltd, Swan Telecom and Unitech (Tamil Nadu) Wireless Ltd, the other accused in the case include Swan Telecom promoter Shahid Usman Balwa, Asif Balwa and Rajeev Agarwal, Unitech Ltd's MD Sanjay Chandra and DB Realty MD Vinod Goenka.

A great step ... Fast and good working of the legal system which was utmost required.


Impromtu again ...

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Introspection ...
A perspection ...
Feel its a time for ...
Self-inspection ...

To understand what ...
I mean to the world ...
To understand what ...
The world means to me ...

Its a confused state ...
Feeling in a fix ...
How well people care ...
How well do i mix ...

How time changes some ...
Or how does an elevation bring a change ...
How time changes friends ...
And defines a new range ...


Instant and Impromptu ... by RJ

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A void unsaid,
is just so felt,
Where the feel is so mixed,
And everything seems rigged ...

Don't know how to express,
Don't know what to say,
The feeling is such,
Its hard to convey ...


Vote for Akshita Jain

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From The Pen of RJ (Reema Jain)

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Hurdles in the way,
Leaves me with nothing to say,
But still in some corner of my heart,
There are hopes of a fresh new day.

A day is daily new seen,
But, where the world seems so mean,
But then I think again a bit more,
How would I be,if I would have so been???

I hope for a new day with happiness all around,
Where everyone's hearts are just so bound,
With not even a fraction turning indifferent,
And togetherness and selflessness just to be found.


Sudden Frustrations..Impromptu...

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A Dwindling mind,
Swaying To and Fro,
In a dilemma I am,
What and How to do?
Seeming lost somewhere,
Frustrated a bit am I?
Don't know where will I land,
Will it end in a silent cry?
Or will with success,I fly high????

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Happy New Year

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2010 is gone,
2011 is on..
With so many wishes in line,
And I hope them(wishes) to be soon mine....
Wishing one and all,a year full of happiness and without fear,
It's time to say HAPPY NEW YEAR...