... and that was the end of my hair problems!

9:44 PM CS Reema Jain 1 Comments

It all started when I had daily visits to the Courts from office .. Scorching heat .. 
The Air-Conditioners inside the Court Room not working .. And my hair-getting sticky and rough and I was disturbed !!!

My free-flowing, my priced possession, my hair was showing different traits now... And I was losing confidence ..

I started washing my hair more regularly with ****** shampoo, but what I noticed was more hair loss, and tampered hair ... I was hating this ... I wanted a change ... a positive one ... I was getting fickle-minded ...

Around that time, I heard about the new Dove Range of Hair Care Products ... I saw through the contents ... They also had the Dove Hair Aware App which I took ... And with the conviction, and views and reviews of friends and relatives, who have been loyal customers of Dove's products I bought Intense Hair Repair Therapy ... I used the product for some days as directed on the bottle and that was the end of my hair problems!


The Rajiv Makhni

11:01 PM CS Reema Jain 4 Comments

Gadget Guru, Tech Guru,
He is Rajiv Makhni,
His views, reviews and opinion on gadgets,
Is far more applauded than any feast-Naan or Daal Makhni !

The way he is taking the session,
Is just so scintillating,
And my knowledge on gadgets should increase,
Indicating this is his presence, which is so motivating !

A new insight into a new field,
Totally Alien to what I am,
His aura and mannerisms can shake,
And its felt-time to know more about Tech, M'am !!!

(Rajiv Makhni-an inspiration as a person, as the perfect host, captivating the moment, and the person who made this Indiblogger Meet just the best one !!! )


These sudden Showers

10:12 PM CS Reema Jain 1 Comments

The sudden Rains in Delhi today !!!
These sudden Showers,
Are indeed an Expression,
Of thoughts said-unsaid,
Of those up in Hell or Heaven.

These sudden Showers,
Are ofcourse an Expression,
Of people here on Earth,
With an accomplished-unaccomplished mission.

These sudden Showers,
Are an expression.
Of my Mind and Moods,
Long carried or Impromptu and sudden.

These sudden Showers,
Convey the expression,
That views/moods are of many,