I am what I am

9:28 AM Unknown 3 Comments

People say I am different,
People say I am a geek,
People say I am a nerd,
To all I say- I am what I am...

With critics around,
With friends to hold on,
With support from known and unknown,
In all this I say- I am what I am...

With things in my favor,
With some turning against,
With all tides-high and low,
Amidst all happiness and sorrow- I am what I am...

I am what I am,
I am what my people make me,
I am what situations create me,
And I am still what I am...
                                            - the confident, cheerful, passionate girl, who loves to do routine things differently
and still being the same...


Dell Blogathon 2012

9:32 PM Unknown 1 Comments

Had great fun at Dell Blogathon 2012 .. Interacted with some great bloggers and enjoyed the extra dose of fun-filled activities.. coz its always not just about work(blogging), but  blogging with fun ... I am sure, I am gonna resume writing on my blog and maintaining the continuity...


Friends, buddies we are, forever and for always

10:29 PM Unknown 12 Comments

Maybe it need not be expressed or said,
Its implied, unsaid yet always,
Whatever be the situation,
Whatever be the extremities,
Friends, Buddies, we are forever and for always.

Your tears make us cry,
In happiness the best of moments we all have,
And amidst all thick and thin,
With all tides, highs and lows,
Friends, Buddies, we are forever and for always.


Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

9:22 PM Unknown 11 Comments

So much so, I met a dear friend today, one of my bestest buddies... In his times of need, when he needs his friends and buddies the most, I found rarest of them...

So is it just about walking in front and leading the path..
Walking behind, and following,
Or as i feel, walking besides and always being there...

And most importantly, as the song goes, very much visible today, sukh k sabhi saathi, dukh k naa koye.....