This New Year's Eve-Last hours of 2012

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Something from my pen for my friends this New Year's Eve:

For all the laughter, 
For all the happiness, 
For all the moments of you being there, 
For all the sadness you had to with me share, 
Thank you for an awesome 2012 year, 
Hope 2013 brings along more moments to be cherished and to share :-)


Shoppers Stop Perfect Look

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And Indiblogger along with Shoppers Stop are playing with us to pick up the "Shoppers Stop Perfect Look".

Shoppers Stop !!!
I feel its unfair. Just one look cannot contain it all what I wish, or what I would like to pick, or I wish to design.

Either ways, its not one look just.
Party in full swing .. Flaunt it Purply !!!

If its the Evening step-out for parties with friends by your side, Shoppers Stop has a wonderful collection, but considering my personal inclination towards Purple

Work it out !!! With Pink Blue Purple in absolute full style !!!

And if you are all set for the perfect look for not just for office, but also for parties, how about a Purplish angle to it too

And this is not just all, for the collection Shoppers Stop has, for every perfect ingredient for the perfect look for the perfect you, visit

Live it Stylish !!! Just with no bandish !!!


My Straight hair Experiment - Wavy to Straight

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Finally I get to pen my issues with my so-called wavy hair, courtesy Indiblogger.. And how I ended up straightening them up, as they suit well with my Formal Look at office, And easy to handle and cute to look at wedding functions of friends and other occasions.

I still remember the frequent unwanted tangles in my hair - to - now finally straight and easy to handle and maintain long straight luscious hair. Should I attribute this to the absolute use of Sunsilk range of Shampoo and conditioners that I use on a regular basis.

And then my look changed too ... 

From difficult to set, and even more difficult to detangle... 


To ... An easy look .. the perfect one for every ocassion ..


I used Sunsilk !!!
I used my hair straightener, which my sister bought me !!!
I experimented with absolute care !!!
And yes, Straight hair suits me far better than my wavy hair look ...
I supaa love it now ...

(This post was written for "Sunsilk Hair Experiment" Contest by Indiblogger and Sunsilk)


Black does it all

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The Colour BLACK ..

Its said to be dark, its said the the color of coal, its said to be the color of night, but indeed it brings along with it absolute unending light.

It is the only color that appears randomly on and off in your wardrobe, the only color that is loved by all. You are beautiful, you are pretty, you are you, when the glow is added with the presence of a black attire.

Its perfectly and its insanely informal. Its just the perfect solution for every situation, for every occasion, every kinda party, every kinda meeting. Its just the every other alternative.

It goes with every colour. You can couple it up with every footwear of yours and with every accessory that your shelf has.

You do not really have to think, when you have a black dress handy .. If you still don't have one, I recommend getting one ASAP.



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Your PerfectHairDo Tip by Nikhil Sharma - Sebastian Design Artist and Creative Director at Affinity Salon !!!
Its absolutely your style, your look !!!
Play with your hair is what he says !!!


Eau De Monsoon - Shout thy Stomachs

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Saturday Afternoon it was,
Amongst fellow bloggers around,
Some already whom I knew,
Some new ones found.

A bunch of food bloggers,
Some lifestyle bloggers too,
All ready to taste the delicacies,
With Starwood Group, LeMeridien Delhi and their Crew.

Vegetarian Me, was surprised to see,
The amazing style how a Samosa could be,
And Prior to it I forgot to mention,
Amuse-bouche it was, before menu Degustation.

Wines poured into glasses of all,
Myself non-alcoholic though,
Stayed away from it all completely,
But heard others relishing its taste in full flow.

Tandoori Paneer, Tamarind Glaze,
This is which are tongues had to taste,
An absolute relish and a superb present,
And no plate had any waste.

Next in front was,
Tandoori Broccoli Grilled Asparagus,
A new look was unleashed for it,
And infact our stomachs said- Invaded us !!!

Maize Cannelloni,Bell Pepper Couli,
Something to rhyme in the name,
And it constantly hit me,
Not just on my mind, but also taste buds surely.

Cottage Cheese & Spinach, Salan Gravy,
Mum should have been here, she would have been pleased,
To see me have spinach, in any form that it could have be,
And trust me, truly loved it- a vow on thee.

Morels & Aged Basmati - Somehow missed on it,
Reason - Not the fault of the organiser,

But of my blogger buddy photographer,
From whom I was getting clicked the enviro, ambience and me.

Two palate cleansers were also on the menu,
One a Litchi Sorbet- one of its kind,
Followed by a Mixed Berry with Rock Salt,
And mind it you, it was no here halt.

Followed by Discovery and Kahlua,
Two Discoveries Indeed,
One by Chef Vikas and other by Manisha,
These guys are atotal style of different Chefs indeed.

The PR team then had filled us full,
With Mocktails to drink, 
And food too much too full,
And with eyes perfect wink.

It ended on a chocolaty note,
By Meridien's Own,
Followed by a pot of Wheatgrass gifted to us,
Which was direct out of Mother Nature's Own.

And then came the amazing View,
It stunned our eyes from the 20th floor,
Meridien then had bloggers few,
Which again was enthralling to the core.

Somellier Magandeep and Anjali Mehra,
You two deserve a special mention,
Apart from Team Blogathon,
Your interaction and aura took away my attention.



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Pakora celebration ke baad,
Jab masti mein tha sabka haath,
Fir suddenly yaad aaya,
Bhakti n Sukrut k jaane ka waqt aaya.

Swap gaya un dono k saath hotel wapas,
Anu, me and Ashish ne phir kia photo-session shuru,
And when it ended and we were departing for Hotel,
Animesh Sir ne kia gate par offer hum sabko Sattu.

Tasty n yummy ekdum,
Besan ka mast tha swaad,
Phir ek hi baat nikli,
Siliguri mehmaan-nawaazi ki kya baat.

Hotel aaye fir,
Bhakti Sukrut thhe jaane ko taiyaar,
Then we decided,
Dono ko Hotel gate tak see-off toh karo yaar.

Ek hi baat yaad aayi,
Kal yahaan se baaki sabki vidaayi,
Miss karenge ek-ek pal,
Yaad aayenge wo kal.

Fir Sarabjit ka wo Hotel aana,
Thodi der usse poore din ki gappe ladaana,
Uske wahaan hone k baawajood,
Poora din usko fir se sunaana.

Fir sabka dinner pe jaana,
Rahul Sir ka  message aana,
Hope you all have reached safely,
And hamara call karke bataana-Hummko kal hai jaana.

Kuch der baad sabka,
Hotel laut kar aana,
Sarabjit ka apne ghar ko jaana,
Yaad aata hai dosto k saath har pal ka fasaana.

Raat ko sone se pehle,
Packing ko revise kar jaana,
Kya kya laaye thhe saath,
And kya extra hai leke jaana.

Trophy certificates and apne samaan ke saath,
Meethi yaadon ko pockets mein tha bharna,
Photographs click jo ki itni,
Unhi memories ko taazi n tha preserved rakhna.

6th morning ko uthke,
Sab thhe chalne ko taiyyaar,
Jo pal bitaaye sabne saath,
Wo ab yaad aa rahe thhe baar-baar.

Wo naye friends,
Puraane dosto ka dobara milna,
Stage se presentation deke utarne par,
Khushal ka kehna-Behna tujhko hai prize zaroor milna.

Wo cultural evening ki masti,
Wo sattu n kalakand tasty,
Har Pal jab chaaron ko yaad aayi,
Baar-Baar Ghaziabad Convention ki bhi wo kashti.

Tickets checked,
Packing done,
Cab arranged,
Jaane ka nahi tha mann.

But then we are to depart, 
With siliguri in our heart,
For the awesome treatment received,
And dosti, which no else can beat.

Tab suddenly ek surprise mila,
Manish Sir jaa rahe thhe Guwahati,
Pataa fir ek aur khabar mili,
Same flight par thhe wo hamare saathi.

Aage peechhe caro ka caaravan,
Chalaa tha jaa raha,
Siliguri ki hassen vaadiyon,
Mein thhe pal chhode jaa raha.

Airport par Boarding pass lekar,
Pahuche hum Boarding gate ke saamne,
Dekhi public aage jami hui thi,
Jaise kisi VIP ki aahatein.

Hum kahaan kum,
Pahuche dekhne ekdum,
CM Didi West Bengal,
Mamta Banerjee n public overall.

Fir main chillayi, Swapnil chillaya,
Madam CA Students hain hum,
kinaare kar baaki logo ko,
boli wo-aapke saath photo khichwaaenge hum.

Felt very happy we all,
CA Professional ki reputation and dhamaal,
Chief Minister ki yeh humare course ki ore respect,
Hum bachcho ko paas bulaane se pehle, bilkul naa kia suspect/inspect.

Inse bade VIP k saath, 
Photo hamaari aaj ki thi baaki,
Khichwaa li jaldi Manish Sir ke saath tab,
Kahin Boarding announce naa ho jaaye taaki.

Jaldi Jaldi uploaded the pictures,
And then a short treat session triggers,
Coke, Pizza, Pastry with all,
Celebration ka bas ban gayaa mahaul.

Ab jo hui Boarding ki announcement,
Jaane ki aa gayi thi baari,
Ab thi is trip mein last karni,
Hum chaaro dosto ne aakhri sawaari.

Delhi tak ke raste tak,
Ki fir se masti dher saari,
Kyunki bichhadna tha dosto se,
Ab door honi thi kaafile ki ek daali pyaari.

Delhi Airport again,
Pahuch gaye hum sab,
Yaad karte karte,
Jo pal saath bitaaye thhe ab.

Miss you all !!!



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Friendship Day 12 AM celebrations,
Ke baad fir se prank ka time aaya,
Iss baar Chhote packet Bhakti ne,
Prank mein mujhe bura fasaaya.

Phone mera gaayab kia usne,
Tension mein haalat meri bekhabarr,
Ab sochke lagta hai mujhe,
Swapnil ki sangat ka tha asarr.

Fir chalaa ladaai ka ek aur silsila,
Fir Patch-up and dosti ka ek kaafila,
Fir Swap n Bhakti se der tak gappein,
And Doston k saath mast dostana mila.

Fir waqt ka mujhe yaad aaya,
Presentation kal meri hai,
Ye soch kar haalat kharaab,
And dimaag mera chakraaya.

Koi tension naa baalike,
Doston ne himmat ko badhaaya,
Fir Ashish ne thoda help karne ka daromadaar uthaaya,
And thodi hi der mein PPT ko better hota paaya.

Fir ghati ek ghatna,
And pataa chala tabhi,
Meri Pen-Drive hui corrupt,
Kyuki usme tha virus aaya.

Swappy ka Lappy,
Ashish ki Pen-Drive,
Bhakti and Anu ki strength with me,
And I felt like a perfect Hi-Five.

All done danaa dan dan,
System ko karaa band,
Ab nidra yoni mein jaana tha,
kal ki presentation k liye naa rakhna koi bahaana tha.

Subah ho gayi jhatpat,
Rahul Sir ka call tha firse sabko aaya,
Aajao Breakfast k liye time pe,
Kahin naa jaaye usse pehle khaana uthaaya.

All set and ready to go,
For the presentations to move to-and-fro,
Sab pack ho gaye ek car mein fir,
Kisiko naa thi ab koi fikar.

Breakfast done-tasty it was,
With that Special Kalaakand ka swaad,
Just not to forget bataau ek baat,
Kalakand aaye Rahul Sir k haath.

Then all again audi mein aaye,
Front seats of paper presenters firse hui occupy,
I preferred a seat at the back,
To get through with my presentation, and see it was intact.

But something bad was destined to happen,
Ho gayi bas ab wohi baat,
Pataa nahi kaunsa bhoot aaya meri presentation par,
le gayaa sabhi animations apne saath.

Ek aur haadsa hua saath-saath,
Swappy k lappy ki lag gayi watt,
Jo Dell Inspiron laayi thi main saath,
No Battery, Naa tha charger paas.

Siliguri Team I thank you guys,
Animesh Sir, Nilesh, Sumit n others,
Ap sab ne madad ka badaaya haath,
And if such people are around who bothers.

One thing again to mention here,
When Technicall Session-3 and Special Session was going on there,
Animesh Sir ne fir mujhe daant lagaai,
Par daant k saath, madad bhi poori karaai.

Bole agar, rona ghabraana shuru kiya,
Na System milega, naa PPT, Na Pen-Drive.
Dena Presentation aise hi,
The way he handled the situation, 
I still feel like giving him a Hi-Five.

Countdown was about to close,
Lunch time tha hone wala,
Meri PPT ne almost,
Apnaa hi kriya karam tha kar daala.

But, God ji the saath mere,
Animesh Sir and ICAI Siliguri Team on my rescue,
Manish Sir I have to complement,
Your team is Crores of people mein best few.

Session ka mere waqt aaya,
Dias pe bouqet mila n humko khadar pehnaaya,
Uske baad Madam Binani and Prof Manasdas gupta ko,
Humaare Session MOC ne introduce karaaya.

It felt great to be sharing the stage with,
Such knowledgeable people by my side,
Sukrut Sawarkar tune bhi toh,
Saath mein di ek tension-free joy-ride.

My presentation went good,
Enjoyed others ka too,
Mohit and Anjani k heavy dose questions,
And Ashish and Sarabjit mujhe message kar rahe "Rotlu".

Then finally session ended,
Had Congress k netaji as the special guest,
Toh saath baithe Anjani ne mujhe bola,
Time to give dimaag ko thoda sa rest.

Then Participation Certificates ki aayi baari,
Saath mein trophies mili hum logo k naam ki nyaari,
Mast ekdum look wise,
And we were guessing whose getting the Prize.

Suspense increasing manifolds,
Bronze, Silver ya Gold,
And now it was about to unfold,
Kyuki tension nahi ho rahi thi hold.

Suddenly ek announcement thi aayi,
3rd prize do ko jointly mila hai bhai,
Sabne poochha kaun hai usme pehla,
Anjani chillaya "Reema" and I thought gaya prize pehla.

Stage pe karke shake hands,
Was waiting for naam number do,
Eyes sparkled when i heard,
Swapnil Jain, we are the duo.

Prgnya and Anuradha got,
Prizes Second and First,
Din ho gayaa fir,
Ekdum Mad-Mast.

Some credits still remain due,
Ashish, Swap, Animesh Sir,
For all you people for me had to do,
And Sarabjit my buddy, cannot forget you.

Uske baad photos and poses one by one,
maar rahe thhe hum sab tashan,
It was fun filled with exhilaration,
And time for celebration.

Mausam ka jaadoo bhi chhaaya,
Baarishon ne apna role nibhaaya,
ICAI Siliguri ka plan mast bhaaya,
Snacks mein pakore rakhwaaya.

(...Rest of Day 3 To be Continued in Day 4 as we get set to depart from Siliguri....)



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8'o clock in the morning and yet not awake,
Coz soye thhe sab hi late,
kya karein PPT masters of the first session,
Bhakti, Swap and Ashish and Anjani were still in tension.

First session tha inka,
Pahuchna tha time par at Venue,
Tab yaad aaya in teeno(Bhakti, Ashish, Swapnil) ko,
Tie bandhi nahi inki, and mujhse poochha-Kya karu ???

Ashish checked on google ki tie kaise baandhe,
Swapnil and Bhakti b isi ore bhaage,
Fir finally teeno ki tie thi maine baandhi,
Without Google's training-naa poori naa aadhi

Tie gayi ab bandh,
Toh Rahul Sir ka call aaya,
Bachcha, Convention ka time ho gaya hai,
And pet-pooja bhi zaroori-uska bhi time aaya.

As ususal hum late,
Delhi se mujhe different naa laga,
Jaise 9'o clock office ke liye,
Abhi snoozing k baad fir 9'o clock Alarm bajaa.

Rahul Sir, Niraj, Samandeep pareshaan,
Agle hi pal lagaa bas,
ki ab machega kohraam,
Finally sab masti-khoro ne karaa Venue chalne ka elaan.

Bas kya kismat thi hamari,
Jis car mein thi, chaar mein se,
Teen paper-presenters ki sawaari,
Traffic mein fas gayi wo car bechaari.

Calls lagaatar baj rahe,
Ki kahaan reh gaye hum,
Maano agar naa pahuche agle 5 mins mein,
Toh aajaayega bhoochaal ya fatt jaayega Savin mein bumb(Bomb).

Traffic mein fase hue tab,
Khushal ne chalaaye apne phone par gaane,
Main aur Bhakti tab lag gaye,
Apne favorite songs ki farmaaishein farmaane.

Swap bechaara on phone, le raha tha good wishes,
And Lokesh, Sukrut, Anuradha n me,
Since we had session another day,
Were thinking of breakfast mein relishing Bengali Dishes.

This was the best time for all to break the ice,
And acquaintances a night before,
Had become friends(Nagpur Gang : Khushal, Sukrut, Lokesh),
Coupled with only sugar, not spice.

Reached the Venue finally,
Fifteen minutes ka distance,
Was an hour's today,
But this, was still not the hindrance.

Venue pahuchte hi,
Rahul Sir ka smiling face tha dekha,
Bas ab late aane ka kya tha,
Saari tension ko utha ke mind se fenka.

Breakfast was absolutely delicious,
Coupled with Siliguri ki mehmaan-nawaazi,
And we all had all new things to discuss,
Puraani-puraani and nayi-taazi.

Another thing jo tha andaaz nayaa,
Har ek paper-presenter ke I Card par,
Naam k saath photo ko dekh chhapaa,
Khushi and hasi ho gayi dugnaa.

Session was about to start,
My favorite triplet on stage,
Ashish, Bhakti and Swap,
Just one wish-Jeetke aana mere mate.

Well Well Well,
Mera dimmag tha in confusion,
Kiske jeetne ki karu pray,
Teeno thhe buddies, and so prayers in conjunction.

Anjani my friend whom I met there,
No offences against you,
Even your presentation was really good,
No fluke, undoubtedly heart-felt and true.

Swapnil ki yeh presentation,
Isse pehle do conferences mein already thi dekhi,
Ashish and Bhakti had to buck up,
Coz after making unki, unhone presentation dete waqt thi pehli baar dekhi.

But still all good,
An Interactive Chairman of the session too,
Mast ekdum chalaa ye sab,
Fir lunch ke liye sab chhoooo.

Ooops bhool gayi ek special mention,
Jiske liye mnish Sir and Team again deserves credit,
First Day all Paper-Presenters ko felicitate karke with bouqet,
I would certainly say-Siliguri-to our hearts-You have made it !!!

Aapko lagaa bouqet sabko mila,
Ab hota hai asliyat ka pardaa faash,
I love the Blue flowers and Pink Roses,
And I had 5 bouqets in my bag-with others saying 'Kaash'.

Headed for lunch now,
Uske baad hotel tha jaana,
Masti k chakaar mein,
PPT theek karna nahi tha maine bhool jaana.

Jaldi se kiya lunch,
Manish Sir and Rahul Sir se li permission,
And after a good long wait for the Cab driver,
Headed with friends to Hotel Swagat-our destination.

Sarabjit tha yaara saath,
masti ki toh ab honi thi baat,
thodi si PPT karaake,
Chal pade fir hum musafir, Siliguri thikaane.

Gaye uske ghar fir,
Miley his family again,
And not to forgot to mention,
A happy family-touchwood.. Time and again.

Uske baad nikle aage,
Sevoke route par hum,
Coronation bridge tha aage,
Bahut saari photos-dost aur hum.

Absolute poses,
Style ek se badhkar ek sabke,
Fir baarish ka ek mast jharoka,
Jo mausam aaj bhoolte nahi bante.

Next on the way Kali mandir ka,
Anuradha ka jaane ka tha plan,
Kirkira kardia madmast megha ne,
Apne jharokhon se Shit-Man ...

Fir jaise agla mandir aaya,
Anuradha mein mataaji aayi,
Kisike roke bhi,
Ab ye Pune-wali naa ruk paayi.

Fir thodi door Butte and Momos khaake,
Kiya baarish mein naashta,
Wye-wye sabko explain karte karte,
Mujhe Yaad aya Pizza Hut ka Arabiatta Paasta.

Khair koi naa,
ab jaana tha Savin Kingdom,
Kyuki, meri Siliguri favorite ne,
Aayojan kia tha of ranga-rang kaaryakram.

Gate par Mr. Guard bole,
ID Card dikhaao ji,
Since I had the ID, I went in,
Chairman Siliguri Brach ko bulaake-Dosto ko kahaa-Andar aao ji.

Absolute fun tha woh,
Dances with Perfect co-ordination,
And then Rashmi anchoring the stage first time,
With absolute zeal and no hesitation.

Importance of Articleship par play ek aaya,
Jisne un dino ko yaad dilaaya,
Kaam ke saath-saath Boss ne kitna rulaaya,
But aaj kaam seekhke hi hai humne naam kamaaya.
Waah ye Moh-Maaya !!!

Then Manish Sir dikhe in army wali look,
Mast ekdum,
Absolutely different,
From what he otherwise looks.

But Sorry Sir,
Missed your performance,
Coz of
Meri and Ashish ki short-term ladaai.

Uss Short-term ladaai,
Ne Stomach ko fir aazmaaya,
Maine aur Bhakti ne,
Khaana der se khaaya.

Isi beech do baar,
Plate full of Sweets Khushal bhai and Sukrut laaya,
But Ashish and Swapnil tum-dono ka,
khaane ki plate k alaawa, naamo-nishaan nazaar na aaya.

Then Bhakti & I had dinner,
Ashish ki akal mein baat samajh aayi,
Itne time baad, two days k liye hain mile,
Aakhir kyun kare ladaai,
Toh fir maine bhi yaad dila diya,
Friendship Day ki Eve hai aayi.

Hotel Pahuche sab,
Plan tha kya karein ab,
Ye paragraph thoda lamba,
Kyuki bhoot ji ne banaaya uss raat sabko shocked khambaa.
Hamaari bhootni bani Bhakti,
Make-up artist thi main,
Anuradha, Mohit, Srikkanth, Anjani,
Sabki watt laga chuki thi jodi hamari ye.
Ashish ne fir poora saath nibhaaya,
Swapnil ko pyaara fir uska phone hi bhaaya,
Call par as usula lagaa hua tha woh,
Dosto se ek dum pare tha woh,
Par jab Anjani ne darke reception fir call lagaaya,
Hamaara bhoot,
Normal get-up mein fir aaya,
HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY ka raat ko baarah baje danka bajaaya,
Lokesh, Khushal, Sukrut ko unke room se 3rd Floor se bulaaaya,
First Floor jaise ekdum se chillaya,
manaao dosti ka jashn,
Happy Friendship day hai aaya.

(To be continued.....)


New Delhi-Siliguri (Day 1)

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Post 1st Day - Convention Ghaziabad
Met at Ghaziabad,
Friends se badh gaya tha connection,
ab milne ka plan tha,
in some other National Convention.

Some days later,
realized some of us were selected,
Ghaziabad ke baad,
Ab Siliguri was to get us connected.

Times were such,
Mere liye Siliguri was looking bleak,
Convincing daddy dear for my outstation convention,
Sarabjit, Me and Ashish
Was a bit difficult, but i felt t'was a convincing dream.

Thodi nautanki,
thodi masti,
Seeing my passion,
Daddy dear funded my mission(Tickets).

Ashish and Sarabjit,
had a big part to play,
One a localite from Siliguri,
And another on the same flight which i was to take.

Finally, all set,
Packings done,
Mom on the airport was crying,
But I was ready to have fun.

Check-in, tickets all done,
Luckily had tickets with dost teen,
4A,4B,4D thhe teeno, 4C mil gayi mujhe,
And hearing this, desperation to meet again was keen.

Paploo banaaya Delhi Airport par Ashish ne mera,
Bola Mumbai Airport Pahunche hain yaar,
Par phir sunaayi diya mujhe on call,
Ye Delhi Airport par ho rahi announcement baar-baar.

Mile chaaro hum,
kiya bahut enjoy,
Anuradha, Me, Ashish and Swapnil,
Chala Siliguri ye Convoy.

Flight par constant gappe,
Maine Anu and Swappie ne maari,
Ashish ne ki poore raste,
Ek Maharashtrian TV Actress/Photographer ke saath sawaari.

Bhot Khichaayi ki uski,
Photos bhi click kar daali,
But the cute friend that he is,
Saari wo pics, delete bhi kar daali.

Siliguri pahunche,
Calls kare sabne,
Siliguri safely pahuchne ke,
ghar par apne-apne..

Phir bataaya friend Sarabjit ko,
pahuch gaye hum tere des,
Phir itni dialogue-baazi hui,
Ki vides naahi, hai ye apna hi des.

Reached the hotel and All settled we were,
New Friends and some old ones were to also come,
And waiting for them we were set to have fun,
Thoda thoda, more and some.

Milne aaye SICASA k log and Council Members,
Kiya Venue Savin Kingdom par aane ka invite,
Fir sabne kiya thoda relax,mile with people (Srikkanth, Mohit, Anjani) around,
And sab chale ek-saath liye Venue ki ye flight(Cab)...

Was astonished and speechless when,
Met Manish Sir-the Convenor of the Convention,
And he rather than asking ki ji naam bataao,
Sabke naam with Locations, kardiye unhone mention.

Wahaan se nikle en-route Sevoke
Haseen Vaadiyo and mountains ke beech,
Saath doston ka ekdum,
And masti mein kar rahe photos kheech.

Returned to the Hotel after that,
Dinner ka plan sabka was with Sarabjit,
Went to his place, met his family as well,
With all happiness and sweetly did they greet.

Remember the Pakora Party,
With Bengali Rasogullas and a lot more to eat,
And then Sarabjit's Mom and Didi speaking,
Dripping was the warmthness in their greet.

Left for dinner we all,
Sarovar Inn was the next pit-stop,
Sumptuous dinner and then started,
Though short-lived, meri and Ashish ki fights non-stop.

Gussa and ladaai hui chhooo in thodi si der,
Best Buddies we are-others should scare,
Uske baad, pool side hum friends ka photo-session,
And Bhakti ki kar rahe wait, her train getting late, all of us in tension.

Back hotel we reached,
3 hours more for Bhakti to reach,
Ashish and Swapnil still finalizing there PPT's,
And me n Anu, taking a short nap is beech.

Khatam hua wait,
Ayi finally Princess Bhakti,
Tab bomb foota ki,
PPT abhi in madam ki bhi hai rehti.

But then me and Anu went to sleep,
Bhakti, Swap and Ashish hue lupt,
PPT mein lag gaye jutt,
And 1st Day of Siliguri samaapt, hum khush.

(To be continued....)


Pepsi Change the Game

11:43 PM Unknown 0 Comments


... and that was the end of my hair problems!

9:44 PM Unknown 1 Comments

It all started when I had daily visits to the Courts from office .. Scorching heat .. 
The Air-Conditioners inside the Court Room not working .. And my hair-getting sticky and rough and I was disturbed !!!

My free-flowing, my priced possession, my hair was showing different traits now... And I was losing confidence ..

I started washing my hair more regularly with ****** shampoo, but what I noticed was more hair loss, and tampered hair ... I was hating this ... I wanted a change ... a positive one ... I was getting fickle-minded ...

Around that time, I heard about the new Dove Range of Hair Care Products ... I saw through the contents ... They also had the Dove Hair Aware App which I took ... And with the conviction, and views and reviews of friends and relatives, who have been loyal customers of Dove's products I bought Intense Hair Repair Therapy ... I used the product for some days as directed on the bottle and that was the end of my hair problems!


The Rajiv Makhni

11:01 PM Unknown 4 Comments

Gadget Guru, Tech Guru,
He is Rajiv Makhni,
His views, reviews and opinion on gadgets,
Is far more applauded than any feast-Naan or Daal Makhni !

The way he is taking the session,
Is just so scintillating,
And my knowledge on gadgets should increase,
Indicating this is his presence, which is so motivating !

A new insight into a new field,
Totally Alien to what I am,
His aura and mannerisms can shake,
And its felt-time to know more about Tech, M'am !!!

(Rajiv Makhni-an inspiration as a person, as the perfect host, captivating the moment, and the person who made this Indiblogger Meet just the best one !!! )