Missing you....

7:19 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

Daily I meet someone with a similar name,
Ishika (My dear L'il Sis)
And the wait to meet you seems so long,
The way we meet every six months,
And then when  you go,my cry is a sad song.

You will be here in less than a month,
Preparations already on to welcome you,
But, with very passing day my girl,
I just hope th wait ends like drops of dew.

When I hear the name daily,
A sudden feeling in me is hopeful,
My sister would be in Delhi soon,
And the days would become even more joyful.

You make me cry, You make me laugh,
You just make me feel so dear,
But, as your days draw near to gt back home,
The feeling makes me cry and your sis wants to be to you all the more near.

Missing you kiddo.... Hope to see you as soon as your school vacations start.


A "Sorry" is not always enough

12:58 AM CS Reema Jain 4 Comments

The five letter word,
Makes a difference for sure,
But not,when intentionally done,
And repeated over time with no cure.

Its not always,
That you have to win,
Its not always,
That I have committed a sin.

Its not that I should be patient always,
Its not that I should always be hurt,
But you should learn to mend your ways,
Or else in our friendship it will scatter dirt.

Its just that I am feeling bit bad,
And that I now wish to take a stand,
That your words be better now or never,
And that shall decide- We friends-Never or Forever.....


Impromptu (contd.)

12:24 AM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

The dart game is taking a toll on me,
Sometimes I feel I am strong and upright,
And sometimes as if I am going crazy.

Feeling frenzied and,
I do not know what is it,
But sometimes as if like a tight band on my hand.

Words seeming scattered,
Feelings totally shattered,
And I have been battered.

Its not always you who should win the quarrel,
Not always bcz of you it should be a low-feeling me,
Coz baby its not just about You,
But about You,Me and We.

(No resemblance with anyone and no parallels with reality to be drawn.It is purely a work of fiction)



11:47 AM CS Reema Jain 6 Comments

It's a sudden outburst of my emotions,
Or something that I wanted to say,
But, off-late I have realized it big time,
Such decisions need not be taken in haste.
The first step is through,
Yet there is a lot more to go,
My words won't maybe express,
But my eyes would definitely show.
A different feeling altogether,
Is captivating my mind and heart,
And I do not know why I feel as if,
I am being arrowed and I am a dart.
(To be continued.....)

(No resemblance with anyone and no parallels with reality to be drawn.It is purely a work of fiction)