- Hurraaaah !!!!

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Is it your best friend’s birthday and you wish to send him a midnight gift or your sister’s first day at work and you wanted to send her flowers? Indian Gifts Portal is here to your rescue. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or festivals, have it all. They  have “Same day delivery gifts” option and “Midnight delivery gifts” option too. You can surprise your parents staying in another city with a midnight cake on their anniversary. Don’t let your work commitment compromise the happiness of your near and dear ones. contain a wide variety of gifts ranging from grooming hampers to flowers. They have the very famous Chinese Feng Shui lucky plant which come along with a tiny replica of the Koffee with Karan hamper that you can give to your family and friends on festivals. 

They also have Lilies, Orchids, Carnations, Roses and other exotic flowers that you can give away to your lady love and bring a smile on her face.

They ensure that their customers are satisfied by providing world class service. No matter how advanced the world gets, chocolate would always be the most romantic gift to give your partner. You can get “I love you” carved dark chocolates with personalized cover having your names and pictures printed only at Indian Gifts Portal. They come along with three heart shaped chocolates and a silver coloured heart shaped pendant for just Rs 400. What are you waiting for? Buy these and other unique gifts for your loved ones only at

About is one of India’s largest online gifts store specializing in gifts for all ages and occasions. Established in 2001, is one of the oldest, largest and most experienced online gifting company in India.We understand the consumer's gifting needs. Indian Gifts Portal ( specializes in flowers, cakes, chocolates, personalized products, festival merchandise, kids, home & living and fashion categories. Indian Gifts Portal ( ships orders to 150+ countries (including USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc) and 7,000+ pin codes in India. Indian Gifts Portal ( has same day delivery network in 300 cities in India.


Big Bazaar Mahabachat :-)

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Whoever said ‘shopping is a girl’s best friend’ doesn’t take into account the delight of shopping. We all experience irrespective of gender after all who doesn’t like to save those precious currency notes. And if that shopping is done at a place which offers the best of discounts and deals in the town then it’s just another degree of feeling delighted. So to add to your delight and making your shopping experience Big Bazaar is here again with it’s Independence Day- Mahabachat sale. The mega sale starting from 13th August, 2016 till 17th August, 2016 is sure to let you maximize your shopping list without much squeezing your pocket.

So to all the folks out there tie your seatbelts to take this joy ride to your destination of happiness. So this time around shop till you get tired as Big Bazaar offers the best of products with awesome deals from the best of brands. So it’s less worry and more of fun at Big Bazaar as you get most of the products at this sale at the jaw dropping price. This sale is already in it’s 11th year and this time around it is promised to provide you all the products from renowned brands like Nivea, Prestige, Milton, Unicharm (Mamy Poko Pants), Kelloggs, Paper Boat, 3M, MTR, Rasna, Delmonte etc   . As the multi brand store have joined hands along with business leaders. They promise to provide best of shopping experience to customers with the slogan, ‘Hum tayaar hai.’ So be ready to live the life king size as now you can buy everything you struck out of your shopping list last time as it is now budget friendly.

The joy of shopping comes easy as you shop for your groceries, household utility products, beauty products, everyday essentials with the amazing offers and deals. So hop into your nearest Big Bazaar outlet between 13th -17th Aug, 2016 and shop smart. Have a happy time shopping. J


Top 6 pieces of advice for future interior designers

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If you are looking to become a top interior designer and turn your passion into a successful career, you should follow these six helpful guidelines.

Get training and experience: One of the biggest first steps you can take is to gain experience in the field of interior design. Maybe you can start by taking a short course in interior design at a fashion institute like this one and learn the skills you will need to begin working. It is helpful to know what your strengths and weaknesses are beforehand in order to take the right classes and improve upon your skills. Another useful way to gain experience is to get an internship. This will show you what it is like to work as an interior designer and help you grow in the industry.

Put together a portfolio: Document all of the projects you work on whether it is at an internship or at school. It is also helpful to keep a digital portfolio that you can share online or in blogs to show off what you have accomplished so far. You never know who will notice!

Don’t search for perfection: Interior design is not about staging a picture perfect room all of the time. When you are designing keep in mind that rooms are meant to be as comfortable and warming as they are beautiful to look at. Design draws on how people feel.

Believe in yourself: Always remind yourself that if you put effort into your passion everything will be okay. Setbacks and trialing times are inevitable in a competitive industry so it is always important to believe in your talents.

Practice your math skills: Interior design and architecture have many things in common and math plays an important role in everyday work of both professions. The best interior designers are skilled and know how to scale drawings and calculate their vision. Brushing up on your math skills will set you apart from the average designers.

Keep looking for inspiration everywhere and know your clients: Always absorb the world around you and take your inspiration for future projects from everything. Picking up on how every type of room is designed and learning different styles will make you a very successful interior designer. It is also important to know and understand your client. By getting to know your client you will be able to design a space for them that they will love. Function and style go hand in hand.


Big Bazaar - The Public Holiday Sale

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Festivals done, friend’s engagement done, cousin’s wedding done. Left with no more reasons to shop that trendy outfit or buying that big box of chocolates? Now you need no more reasons to shop as Big Bazaar has come up with it’s public holiday sale starting 30th of April till 4th of May, 2016. To keep you shopping without worrying about the budget, Big Bazaar has come up with amazing discounts and offers. So, this season, with this reason, buy that cool dinner set, at an affordable price you were eyeing on at a friend’s get together, as BigBazaar is offering unbelievable discounts on all the home utility products. If that’s not enough you all who are fitness freaks rush to the dietary supplements sections as they come at a chiseled price too. For all the college goers shine in the heat with breathtaking discounts on fashion accessories and comfy yet stylish clothes.

No, this doesn’t end here as BigBazaar is here with truckloads of happiness. Get those summer coolers and beverages at amazing offers. Dress that salad this summer with affordable products from best of brands to keep you fit. Now your don’t need to worry as your kids can enjoy that tasty pasta at home as you get the renowned brands at jaw dropping discounts. For all the stationary at affordable prizes for your kid’s holiday assignments you have a solution at Big Bazaar. Those of you going for vacations stock up your essentials in luggage coming at pocket friendly price. Exciting deals with now or never for all your shopping needs.

So, this summer get ready to wear that pride of saving as you shop with Big Bazaar. As you hop into the nearest store to experience the fantastic offers with no big reason. It’s just the season as discount offers are in the air. 

With Big Bazaar you have the reason to smile more.



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Mohawk ia a upstart brand in office and short travel arena. The brand target audience are young upwardly mobile,first and second jobblers, who are striving for success and working on making their mark on their profession. 

Mohawk is a youth focused bags and accessories brand that embodies the go-getter spirit of today’s youth.

Focusing exclusively on, and creating specifically for, the young urban first and second jobbers between the age of 22 and 30.

Mohawk boasts of its large range of high-fashion, trendy yet functional and cost effective range of office gear and light travel bags.

Brain child of Upkar S. Sharma(Founder Crea), Mohawk is independently run by Ipsa Bansal (Business Head) and Aarti Mehta (Lead Designer).

In order to offer high quality bags at attractive prices, Mohawk has adopted an ‘online-first’ approach and has a wide presence across all major online fashion and apparel platforms.

Inspired by the positive reception of its range of products by customers across e-commerce websites, Mohawk is soon launching its own online store followed by its first flagship brick and mortar store in the year 2016.


DaMilano's Wooba and Spring Summer Collection: Popping Up Your Style Quotient

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We were recently invited to the launch of DaMilano's Wooba and Spring Summer Collection. 

The brand has recently launched its Spring-Summer 2 collection and gives you a fabulous reason to celebrate the Spring-Summer season with exquisite range and special price when it comes to shopping for the Spring-Summer season. 

The Collection comes in a amazing plethora of floral designs sensibilities and amazingly bright & sheeny colors and at the same time. The collection contains luxury and styles that are associated with the brand to give every woman her personal style statement. 

Wooba is a simplistic versatile approach to revolutionize travel. The range is known for its precision, durability, lightweight & performance.

Agile, buoyant and lightweight go synonymously with the exquisite range of Wooba travel accessories. Each product is crafted to give a contemporary spin to the regular travel gear, experimenting with the extremely durable canvas paired with leather trims on the edges. The collection is fabricated with best-in-class material, functional superiority and technical innovation to compliment the unique lifestyles of refined travelers. 

Let the vibrancy of the accessories perk up your experience and dazzle others with the exclusivity of leather colors and prints available for both men and women only at Da Milano. Not only this, now you can shop online, you just need to visit and your chic buy is just a click away.

And the perks of being a blogger: you get to meet fellow bloggers so soon and you get a firsthand Quick Info of the new in market by the Brand !


Tops Selfie Contest

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The divine love called, FOOD, now celebrated with a Tops Selfie Contest 

Baked, fried, toasted, roasted, boiled, steamed, raw and fresh or prepared and preserved with the harmonious mix of love and culinary talents (just like your ever-favourite Tops Pickles); if this is how you prefer your tastebuds to be treated, then you fall under the hearty category of “foodies”. For this bunch of food-lovers, dishes and cuisines are not merely a regular, cumbersome affair; rather a flavoursome ritual, where each morsel is cherished and every bite touches the sensitive cords of the heart. Not for nothing has such a love for food been celebrated daily by thousands of people around the world, but also quite aptly its joy and pleasures have been referred to as “food porn” by the netizens. Welcome onboard the journey to the centre of the heart – food! 

One of the highest points of this foodsome journey is the fact that it is all-inclusive, it takes into account the eccentricities of its various patrons; the health conscious ones, the mid-night bingers, those with a nose for the junk and even the plain old homely food lovers; there’s something for everyone. As varied and wholesome the community of foodies around the world is, there’s a dedicated platform, a social network connecting people for the love of food. is a unique online space that allows food-lovers to connect, share and express their mutual affection for scrumptious, delectable and tempting savours. 

Above all, the divine reason, why foodies around the world should connect and contribute to this amazing food archive is an exciting contest that assures the winners fun and happening prizes and hampers. The #TopsSelfieContest became the ultimate contest for food lovers that needed the participants to click a selfie with their favourite Tops Pickles and upload it on With several enthusiastic participants posing with their choice of Tops pickle (there's a wide range of flavours to choose from), the contest soon gathered pace with a hoard of pickle selfies flooding the food-social-network. Better still, the winners of this fun and simple contest were treated with exciting gift hampers and prizes. 

This story expedition of spreading smiles, and creating a space in the hearts and kitchens of foodies across the world have been a long-borne journey for the now-revered brand, Tops. Over a period of three decades, the well-known FMCG brand has spread its wings not only across the length and breadth of India, but also in as many as 25 countries around the world. And all this, under the skilled and visionary guidance of its founder, Brij M. Seth. The dream of acquiring the position of popular provider of high-quality processed food was fulfilled marvellously over this tenure of evolution and progress by Tops. 

Apart from supplementing most of Indian homes and eateries with its savoury pickles (the varieties include 21 delightful flavours), Tops has been smart in its product choices. Today, this food-giant supplies several other processed foods like Jams, Jelly, Tomato Ketchup, Instant Mixes, Custard Powder, Vermicelli, Culinary Sauces among others. In the truest terms, Tops has sufficed every need of a modern household to become the most-preferred brand providing convenience food. 

As Shaw proclaimed that there is no sincerer love than the love for food; remember to have fun and make merry on your next eating experience. Who knows, another exciting contest could be waiting for you foodies? Having said so, on your next trip to that favourite restaurant of yours, do not forget to click beautiful pictures of those savoury dishes you try. 

Till then, happy eating!


Dunkin Coffee ! I'm Lovin It !!! - The New Launch

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Dunkin’ Donuts, India’s first All-Day Part and Adult Quick Service Restaurant (Adult QSR) chain recently launched its latest products offering. Dunkin’ Donuts has launched 4 new coffees - Bangalore Startup Coffee, Boston Black Coffee, Therapeutic Cappuccino, Tough Guy Cappuccino. 

And to involve our taste-buds to its smell, aroma and taste, a blogger's only session was planned by them.

The products have been created by Chef Felix Daniel and his team.

The range of coffees includes options such as:

Bangalore Startup Coffee
Inspired by the startup culture of the city, it gives one the confidence and energy to achieve anything. The light flavors, reminiscent of the South Indian Filter Coffee, are a result of the 100% Arabica roast coffee beans decoction mixed with piping hot milk.

Boston Black Coffee
The straight-forward, light and easy-going coffee is a palatable version of the classic black coffee – sans the bitterness - for the Indian audiences.

Therapeutic Cappuccino
Designed to soothe the senses, this is a 100% Arabica Italian-style coffee and rich hot chocolate, generously dressed with whipped cream and drizzled with cinnamon powder.

Tough Guy Cappuccino
This tough coffee is a hard-working triple shot of dark-roast 100% Arabica espresso in rich textured milk, with a hint of brandy flavour. Perfect for those long hours to be put in for achieving the impossible!

Launching the new range of Coffee, Mr. Dev Amritesh, President and COO, Dunkin’ Donuts India, said, “Today’s youth is running at an undeterred pace with a desire to conquer the world. Dunkin’ Donuts acknowledges this “spirit to conquer” through the new range of coffees. It is the ultimate fuel to keep you going so that with “enough coffee you could shake the world”.

Dunkin’s new range of coffees occupies an emergent space of coffee consumption between the two called Real-Social. Inspired from real-social contexts in youth’s life – workspace and relationships, the coffees are designed as the ultimate self help for the 24x7 youth culture.

The brand has its presence across almost all major social media channels.
·         Twitter                 : @Dunkin_India
·         Facebook            :
·         Instagram            : dunkinindia (
       My Choice: Therapeutic Cappuccino Hand Down !!!


Jewelsify: Jewels that personify

7:11 PM Unknown 0 Comments’ has recently launched its new Diamond Jewellery Collection at Grub House, Rajouri Garden.

The jewellery is designed to keep in mind the women who love to get noticed. Perk up your style quotient with these gorgeous jewellery pieces which compliments any Indian outfit. From ultra classic to flamboyant woman, this piece of jewellery will be perfect pick for any women for the perfect traditional yet glamorous look.  The new Range of rings and earrings expresses femininity, elegance and a great style.The collection is a perfect blend of classic yet contemporary gold. The designs are for the daring, stylish, down to earth women.

During the launch Founder of, Mr. Hardik Kapoor put it beautifully“Jewellery purchase is an emotional decision as well as a huge investment. So, it is important that the consumer is not only aware of what they are buying but also taking the right decision. Jewelsify today enjoy a strong association and trust, thus we felt the need to educate our clientèle on gold , diamond, solitaire and the available options to help them make an informed purchase decision. Every piece at Jewelsify is certified BIS, IGI, EGI or HRD and solitaire by GIA, IGI, HRD. Being the 5th generation into jewellery business, we have inherited the responsibility of providing quality and priceless jewellery products."

Jewelsify possess a legacy that facilitates them in mastering the art of casting stones into precious ornaments.

About, an e-commerce Jewellery brand, earned global reputation as the most trusted brand. The jewellery is certified by IGI, EGL, HRD and GIA and hold top lab certificate in quality promises to offer a delightful customer service not just in terms of designs but also helping them choose and shop over a wide range of products at their display online.