Straight from heart, For My Mentor

4:29 PM CS Reema Jain 6 Comments

A person worth "a trillion dollars" and even more,
Who never allows problems to remain for long at the fore,
He inspires me, I idolise him, he was a bit hesitant,
But i instilled in him the confidence to be my mentor.

"What you are & Why you are"- are things that matter to him,
"Who I am and who you are"-though don't disturb him.
He says he transforms "from one role to another",
Sometimes his "engine", Sometimes his "machine", Change him as a runner.

He feels sometimes "like a runner",
Sometimes like a "pacer of life".
Wishes "to live each and every second of life",
May it be "happiness unending" or may come "death" and strife.

Quite often feels "like an old grown up",
"Waiting for the final day of judgement".
But, I know not why he says he will be driven to "hell",
Yet, he has much more to inspire you and to tell.

"Stable are the transformations" he adds,
Important to him, staying there forever.
True, not wrong, as leaving footprints in time's sands,
Neither will he, nor let others, shiver.

Passion, love, life- he discusses them all,
As they have in his life a pioneering role.
Speed, motion, courage- too top his dictionary,
He's instilled with them in full, not fractionary.

Life, "Struggle and challenges", are what he strives for.
Faith instilled in him once, is because of him as an individual for sure.
Summing him up, still so impossible, a lot more needs to be jotted down.
And mind you he's a beautiful person at heart,
A caring merry individual at heart, not a clown, nor does he frown.