And My Hair - RampReady- Courtesy Tresemme

10:31 AM CS Reema Jain 1 Comments

My Ramp-Ready hairstyle

I am sure there shall be different answers to this,
but my favorite of all would be Balloon Pony Tail

My Hair is absolutely straight and I always thought it is very difficult to style and carry straight hair. 

Henceforth, I always styled them By Adding Curls.

But after watching the Tresemme India youtube channel,I can say that even straight hair can be styled beautifully and look elegant . 

The Tresemme India youtube channel tells the three easiest and good looking hair styles for straight hair.


And Now Why "The Best Style for My Hair Award" goes to "Balloon Ponytail"

The Reasons :

Firstly, Very Easy to make. Will hardly take around 10-15 minutes to do this DIY. 

Secondly, I am Very Slim. This kind is a hair style (Balloon ponytail) which makes me look a bit healthier. 

Really nice DIY and apt for those who are slim.

Thanks Tresemme for such wonderful looking and easy DIY’s and making us look good J