A T!Re$0mE d@y---8th December'2008

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Well this is an account of one of the most tiresome days of this year for me and friend-Priyanks(whom i have referred too,in the previous post too). Starting at arnd 10.15am from Janakpuri,we decided to get to Connaught Place to submit our CV's at the CA firms(this has been elaborated by me in "References").We were really pissed off due to the response received over there.Moreover,due to the complexity of locations and the vastness of CP as in the area it covers to its credit,we had to take several rounds of the same circle to get to different firms.(Here,i would love to mention,that i have done my articleship at Barakhamba Road for almost a year,and knew each block perfectly,but that day i realised i need to revise and recapsulate the various blocks and locations again).And our perfect match of wearing heels,instead of floaters or shoes(which would have been comfortable any day),did its bit of making our day tiresome.But,still the heels had their part for "the perfect formal look".What added more to our pain and agony,was the treatment which was met to us and more importantly to our CV's at most,infact,all of these firms.A piece of advice to anyone and everyone,who would like to go to CP, please don't catch the places by their addresses,as most of them are not sequentially placed;may it be in the inner circle or the outer one..But, three relaxing moments...meeting three himanshu's..2 we knew,the 3ed one a sheer coincidence,but,infact a gud 1.
  • Himanshu Malhotra-we met him twice,infact,twice outside Keventer's itself,roaming and freaking out with a colleague of his.And the third time,he was caught walking past McDonald's of the Inner Circle...(Priyanka and me were forced to ask him..that "Are CA's supposed to be 'vellas'?")
  • Himanshu Garg-Another friend,whom we caught up with when we went to drop a resume at his office.And then,he too was out with us at Keventer's having the milk shake there,and giving us his input on the present scenario in the world around.

O0ooopppss,by the way i forgot to mention their inputs on "References" in my previous post.Sorry,buddies for that..But,i have surely compensated for that by making that input a worthy mention here. The 3rd Himanshu is a secret one,which Priyanka and me would like to disclose,only if something worthy would materialise from his firm......

But, in all a tiresome day,with are legs paining to the maxo extent possible,but these 3 people did add some goodness too it..And our support for each other(Priyanka and me),kept us walking,inspite of our legs declining to walk ahead....

A lesson learnt...An experience undertaken....And that's why my blog-'Life's an experience in itself'



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References references everywhere, not a place to go...Well this line seems pretty much appropriate, as regard the present times. Imagine God asking you outside a temple,"Come inside the temple and worship me,only if you have a worthy reference." How would that be? Yesterday,i.e. on 8th of December,2008, me and my friend Priyanka Rai, went to Connaught Place to submit olur C.V.'s for articleship(training in C.A.,for my friends who are not aware of it)..We were quite disturbed and demoralised to see the magic references do, in the present scenaio..Each and every office, would place your Curriculum Vitae in its Trash Box, until and unless,it carries with itself a reference...Talent and aptitude has lost its worth without a JACK...What matters is the "Brand Name", you carry on your C.V., when you get inside an office?Nothing happenning,it was just an entire day out moving from office to office, for a good training for a good career ahead,but all in vain..Reason,or maybe our fault:We did not have a reference? We just thought that how would it be later,incase,if for every thing there had to be a reference..A reference to make a friend..A reference to get admitted in a hospital...A reference to buy a medicine...A reference to hire a taxi...A reference to live......


So,babes its as sweet as you....I mean mohua

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a girl of words,
known for her smile.
But,her attitude is also one,
which is rare to find.

missing each other,
we just give it ring.
N we knw its the other,
wn r celphones giv the ring-trrrring.

But,still smthing feels difrnt,
coz we knw the othrs geographically 2 far,
but surely that wudnt,
take our heart-felt feelings apart.

Oye,bus MOHUA jaan,
nthng more can iI write.
But, hope nw that ur angr
my blog un-updated-finaly proved wrong..nt right...



Random thoughts....

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Ek udasi si chhayi hai,
Lage har jagah tanhai hai,
Mann baawra ho chale,
Suraj jaise ugne se pehle dhale,
Lage jab sab paraya sa,
Unchaha ruaya sa,
Kyon sab jhutha lage,
Meri kismet mujhse aage.

Another one..
Gham ke andhere me doob jaana jindagi nahi,
Usme muskurake khushi manana zindagi hai,
Dil ke har jazbaat ko batana zaroori nahi,
Bin bataye doosron ko samjhana zaroori hai…


Farewell to my best friend.. For 3 months till we meet again..

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Another day for friends to part,
Our tears have swayed our hearts apart.
Another wait for us ahead,
With reluctance we nod our head.
Remembering every moment of the day we met,
For another three months separate ways we tread.
Going without the wish to go,
Family and friends crying in a tow.
May we just get a day more?
Where we sit, talk, shout and roar,
Where everything again is our way out,
But girl don’t cry, we are best friends with no streak of doubt.


missing u a lot my alter ego

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missing u a lot ms.mohua dutta. Wel this post is a total dedication to u..i don't know,how big or how small its gonna b, but surely it aims at encompassing the gud and bad times we've had in three years at clg..the win-win situation that we always had with each other. however, the two of us ogether were the priority and not just one of us. If teachers had to enquire about me, they used to ask u..and about u, they asked me.n when both of us were at clg, dare we attend any class properly.our unending talks would supersede the lecturer's class..I even wish to remind u of the classes we bunked in 1st year, to the 8.30 am lectures we rarely attended in the IInd and IIIrd year.. Then, how coincidentally, we always started from our places for clg around the same tym..and reachd clg around the same tym 2..And about the farewell party, where aunty and ritesh started crying , but we 2 idiots maintained our cool, and how u were the topic of discussions amongst the common frnds that we have.. Well, now if i write more, wl surely cry...So, i would not say a bye to you girl, but, surely a 'Take Care' and a 'Thank You' for being there with me.


Straight from heart, For My Mentor

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A person worth "a trillion dollars" and even more,
Who never allows problems to remain for long at the fore,
He inspires me, I idolise him, he was a bit hesitant,
But i instilled in him the confidence to be my mentor.

"What you are & Why you are"- are things that matter to him,
"Who I am and who you are"-though don't disturb him.
He says he transforms "from one role to another",
Sometimes his "engine", Sometimes his "machine", Change him as a runner.

He feels sometimes "like a runner",
Sometimes like a "pacer of life".
Wishes "to live each and every second of life",
May it be "happiness unending" or may come "death" and strife.

Quite often feels "like an old grown up",
"Waiting for the final day of judgement".
But, I know not why he says he will be driven to "hell",
Yet, he has much more to inspire you and to tell.

"Stable are the transformations" he adds,
Important to him, staying there forever.
True, not wrong, as leaving footprints in time's sands,
Neither will he, nor let others, shiver.

Passion, love, life- he discusses them all,
As they have in his life a pioneering role.
Speed, motion, courage- too top his dictionary,
He's instilled with them in full, not fractionary.

Life, "Struggle and challenges", are what he strives for.
Faith instilled in him once, is because of him as an individual for sure.
Summing him up, still so impossible, a lot more needs to be jotted down.
And mind you he's a beautiful person at heart,
A caring merry individual at heart, not a clown, nor does he frown.



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Dil ke ek kone mei chhupe hain kuchh raaz,
Aaj unhe sunne-sunane ka karte hain aagaaz.
Har tamanna ho poori dil ki, yahi hai aas,
Na ghabraye ham, na dagmagaye hum, rahe kayam hamara vishwas.

Dagmagati rahon mein koi aisa de hamara saath,
Chahe aaye mushkil, na chhode wo hamara haath.
Na ho kabhi kuchh bura, na ho koi ghaath,
Har jeet ho hamari, haar ko hum de jaaye maat.

Zindagi ki raahon mein, aayein jaisi bhi mushkilein,
Jeetein hum, unse ubhre hum, sadaa na rahe ye atkalein.
Nibhaye hum, kabhi na bhulaye hum, kiye jo humne hain vaade,
Aisi chhaap chhod jaaye hum, hamare jaane ke baad yaad aaye hamari yaadein.

Na rulayein woh yaadein,
Na sataye woh yaadein,
Na hasna kisiko bhulaye woh yaadein,
Woh yaadein ho aisi, har ghadi har kisiko,
Hamare jaane ke baad, yaad aaye hamari yaadein.


road to success

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When trials and tribulations,
in your heart create sensations.
Then,deter not from your path,
Have faith in yourself,trust your heart.
High-low tides,may affect you not,
You achieve your aim at the very first shot.
If you do not,then go ahead and try,
Keep smiling and chill-out,never should you cry.

Believe in yourself,
Believe in your faith.
Believe in your success,
which would not come in a haste.
Believe in your hardships,
Believe in your aim.
Believe in what you can do,
And see how failure turns away from you.

Let nothing stir you away from your task,
Let failure not come across,even wearing a mask.
Let success always crown thy head,
And see how fate makes you-the right path tread.
Let no "event or occurence" shatter you into pieces,
Let nothing affect you-sorrow or teases.
What affects you be-your "integrity,knowledge and view",
That will "depict the clear picture-fair and true".

Let your head forever remain high,
If you lose,you never may shy.
Your face erect,
Your ideology be correct.
Your mind away from fears,
You-happy and determined-away from tears.
Your only goal be your aim,
with no place for regret and shame.

Your confidence and ideals-be your sip of booster,
Your goal,aim and mindset-not cut like a rooster.
Your clarity,knowledge be your tool,
Your concept-accuracy should always rule.
Your professionalism,competence-be your forte,
Your independence and obectivity-you create and sort.
Then see how you fail the failure-once and for all,
And see success without any endings-like a ball.


my life

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Today as I look down the memory lane,
feel sometimes-everything unworthy and in vain.
But,then pop-up moments of happiness,
tearing apart all weary moods&sulkenness.
The flowers of spring-blossom and bloom,
cheer me up-take me out of doom.
The rainbow,The river-wash my tears,
I owe them the smile I now wear.
That was the time when I did not believe,
neither had confidence,almost in grief.
The time when I just thought,
In the company of ills-I'll become the apple who is rot.
Then everything seemed to me dark and gloomy,
Everything false-nothing true to me.
Where every right came after a duty,
And i enjoyed the artificial life with a "frooty".
But,now everything seems so different,
I feel I had the qualities in me inherent.
My confidence keeps just boosting on & on,
As if,all the battles of life by me-won.
All happiness at my doorstep,
Nothing left unconquered by me-by now,as yet.
Just hardship paving way to success,
And presenting a new individual with utter faithfulness.
My persona,My viewpoint all has changed,
My goal,My aim-specified and ranged.
Nothing more would shake me now,
And see how the world says-This girl-THEN & NOW.