road to success

6:12 PM CS Reema Jain 5 Comments


When trials and tribulations,
in your heart create sensations.
Then,deter not from your path,
Have faith in yourself,trust your heart.
High-low tides,may affect you not,
You achieve your aim at the very first shot.
If you do not,then go ahead and try,
Keep smiling and chill-out,never should you cry.

Believe in yourself,
Believe in your faith.
Believe in your success,
which would not come in a haste.
Believe in your hardships,
Believe in your aim.
Believe in what you can do,
And see how failure turns away from you.

Let nothing stir you away from your task,
Let failure not come across,even wearing a mask.
Let success always crown thy head,
And see how fate makes you-the right path tread.
Let no "event or occurence" shatter you into pieces,
Let nothing affect you-sorrow or teases.
What affects you be-your "integrity,knowledge and view",
That will "depict the clear picture-fair and true".

Let your head forever remain high,
If you lose,you never may shy.
Your face erect,
Your ideology be correct.
Your mind away from fears,
You-happy and determined-away from tears.
Your only goal be your aim,
with no place for regret and shame.

Your confidence and ideals-be your sip of booster,
Your goal,aim and mindset-not cut like a rooster.
Your clarity,knowledge be your tool,
Your concept-accuracy should always rule.
Your professionalism,competence-be your forte,
Your independence and obectivity-you create and sort.
Then see how you fail the failure-once and for all,
And see success without any endings-like a ball.