जाने क्यूँ

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जाने क्यूँ दिन में भी कभी कभी अँधेरा होता है,
पर ये भी सच है की हर रात के बाद ही सवेरा होता है.

जाने क्यूँ जीत से पहले हार का एक नजराना ज़रूर होता है,
पर हार का पैमाना पता नही क्यूँ हमेशा ही पाना होता है.

जाने क्यूँ ये दिल अनजाना कुछ पाना चाहता है,
पर मिलती फिर भी हर ओर निराशा है.

जाने क्यूँ ये दिल एक नया आसमान चाहता है,
जिसमे एक अनोखा अपना आशियाँ बनाने की आशा है.

जाने क्यूँ फिर भी एक उम्मीद हमेशा पलती है,
कि समय के साथ साथ हर प्रार्थना फलती है.


Life is beautiful-a romantic comedy

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Guido who wants to go ahead for opening a bookstore,takes a job as a waiter in the interim.Lives with Uncle(forgotten Uncle's name),and loves Dora,the school teacher(from an aristocratic Italian family) and Dora's parents want her to marry a well-to do civil servant.The Indianness of the movie comes where Dora runs with her lover from her engagement.They get married,have a happy family inclusive of a son:Giosue.Here again there's another Indian aspect ki love marriage k baad maa baap ne accept nhi kia and d bechari daughter n mother r estranged,but,they reconcile finallllllllly,before Giosue's fourth birthday.

A Nazi Concentration Camp,attended by Uncle,Guido & Giosue.Mum Dora(only 1 in red in train as compared to the dark colored clothes others are wearing) goes to her mum.Bollywood Flick "Tara Rum Pum Pum" would surely have taken the inspiration of their poorness as a game to the kids from this movie where Guido tries to convince Giosue badly that The Nazi Concentration Camp is a game.And The camp guards ought to be mean because they want tanks for themselves.Surrounded by rampant death and people and all their sicknesses.The innocent child came easily in the trap,thanx to the wonderful show by his dad and his convincing power of course.

The caring father dies trying to find d mother and making his child laugh even in his last moments.Giosue reunited with Dora..Giosue realizes years later his father's sacrifice.The movie however in both rewind and forward mode is narrated by Giosue himself.

A touching story..Loved it...Got tears badly in my eyes..
Saw it thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to 2 new friends(Courtesy:EduMENTOR) Anujay Mathur aand Abhinav Malhotra...Keep referring me good movies...


Who am I?

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Sometimes I ponder as to who am I,
Just a puppet in God's hands,
Or am I an obedient girl at my place,
Or still to go,
A strict teacher at work?
Or A student who really wants to make things work?

Am I a die-hard romantic,
Or hopelessly romantic am I,
Or should I call myself as,
Some one who would never tread this path of love,
Coz maybe because,
Thats the way I am and have been.

May be I am,
Just a simple girl,
swaying along with life's realities,
but flamboyant of course,
to make my presence felt,
At all certain times for sure.

(To be contd............)



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दोस्त मिलते हैं,
कुछ बिछड़ जाते हैं,
कुछ लोग नए दोस्त बनाके,
फिर उन्हें ही भूल जाते हैं.

कुछ को आसान नहीं लगता ये सफ़र,
कुछ को कभी लगता है भंवर,
कुछ को लगती है ये काँटों की डगर,
पर सबसे आसान है इसकी ही डगर.

ऐ मुस्तफा दोस्ती में हमेशा जीत नहीं होती
पर इससे गहरी कोई [प्रीत नहीं होती,
दोस्त ही हो सकते हैं सुख-दुःख के मीत,
जी लो इन पलों को इससे पहले ये जाएँ बीत.



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A simple girl,
who loves living life,
Shuffling herself,
In the middle of every trife,
Totally in for,
The novelty in her life,
But still for success,
She will always thrive.

Family is really important,
Close friends really few,
But making new friends,
Is indeed not like short-lived drops of dew.

Jolly and cheerful is she,
Dynamism and vigor filled in by thee,
Passionate for whatever she does,
Believes in setting various trends.

The girl I have been explaining about,
Such a rare creature is she,
And don't feel irritated now,
That i was actually telling you about me.


Y does Rain God not bless us all over again?

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A certain thought,
flashes over my mind again and again.

Y does Rain God not bless us all over again?

A sudden and impromtu shower the other day,
was such a beautiful surprise at the bay.

It was a surprise gift by thee,
which filled us all with utter happiness and anxiety.

Pakoras and coffee are indeed the best of treats.

On such a day,
If out with friends,
All sadness on its own bends,
Happiness,fun,frolic all around,
Wud Love to in such rain drench down.

In case of spontaneous programs being made,
wud love long drives with friends' houses in middle to raid,
And masti fully all over again,

Y does Rain God not bless us all over again?

The sunny afternoons loosing their way,
Air-conditioned rooms being disposed away,
With everyone willing to step out of home in no vain,

Y does Rain God not bless us all over again?


Feeling like writing yet again

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I am feeling like writing yet again,
Don't know what and how exactly to say,
But,still my hands keep moving all way.

A flush of all emotions in and out,
Something within me is it,
which wants to sprout.

Something unsensed unheard from long,
What i previously on my own could not even guess,
And, now it feels so real and strong.

People say romance is on the cards,
Love and luck with wide open arms,
My mind is still standing as a guard.

No one believes I am single still,
They say, Baby ur poems say it all,
So u better chill.

I wonder how,
I am romantic at heart,
driving on my own my heart's cart.

I wonder again,
to who will he be,
As an answer to my wishes to the divine thee.


Random thought agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn......................

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Please note:I have not been listening to Annie's Song by John Denver...(Its just that a friend made a mention to me that my poem and the song has quite a lot of resemblance)

Like a night in the forest,
Or a star in the desert,
Like mountains in the spring,
Or a sleepy blue ocean,
The great equalizer of death,
Stands equivalent to life today.


Heyyyyyyyy baby(A random thought:I am getting too philosophical)

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I was all lost,
Just as in the tides of the sea,
U came as my saviour baby.

U fill the void of my life,
As an empty vessel i stood,
U've filled the void in me.

You fill up my senses,
Like a walk in the rain,
My heart asks u to fill me again.

Like a cloud unburst,
Thousands of desires,
Now feel the upthrust.

A feeling so tough,
On way to be fulfilled,
But yet not enough.


Its love indeed

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T'was love indeed,
No infactuation was it,
All feelings have outgrown,
Yes t'was love.

T'was love indeed,
Surpassing all beliefs supreme,
Feeling like a baby newborn,
Yes t'was love.

T'was love indeed,
Living and death all as one to be,
Sounding like an unblown horn,
Yes t'was love.

T'was love indeed,
Love in the air seems to be,
In happiness i both cry and mourn,
Yes t'was love.
Its love indeed.


Random Thought

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A radiant smile sparkling on that face,
An innocent eye sparkling bright,
The individual I here praise,
Fills you with happiness and just no fright.

Symbolic of a true friend,
Is the genuineness on that face,
All happiness to me who lends,
May God bless our friendship's pace.


Loved by the Divine

9:18 PM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

It feels as if am loved by the divine,
And every happiness just seems to be mine,
No stopping of the array of joy,
Good memories all stuffed in this life's toy.

Divinity which instills all positives in me,
My mind from varied tensions stays free,
All in all what stays with me all time,
Is the holy love and guiding light of The Divine.