Fighting against TERRORISM or Fighting against a NATION?

7:42 PM CS Reema Jain 14 Comments

Hey guys and a girls...One issue that has off-late been popping up on my mind is whether we INDIANS are standing united against TERROR or opposing PAKISTAN as a nation.The media personnel and our government have always been concerned with the creation of PAKISTAN as the terrorist-Hub,or if i put it forth more straight,people more often say that the word PAKISTAN has lost its original meaning of a 'Sacred place',due to its terrorist connections,and now its another name for TERRORISM.But are we as citizens of one state India,correct in calling the natives of PAKISTAN as terrorists for no reason.Are all to be blamed for the actions of some?Is a country required to be destroyed for a feeling that is prevalent in some thousands or lacs?Is a country wrong in its actions or opinions,are the citizens of that country wrong,or is it that there are some who are polluting the minds of others,and those polluted minds need to be sent for a rehabilitation?

Post-Independence,India and Pakistan have been at war every few years,not because actually they wanted to,but because they were forced to.This is apparent from the fact that a country which was united Pre-1947,or i must say till early 1940's,could have survived peacefully as neighbours to each other,if this germ of terrorism would nit have infected on either sides.For some,who would love to take wrong at this point,i would say that,India is infected by this germ of terrorism,as in it has been a victim to it for long.As regards Pakistan,I would leave it to the citizens and civilians like me and you,of that state to decide,as we are unaware of the situations on the other side.

As and when,there have been attacks in India,and on Indians,the most recent and the most horrifying being the 26/11 Mumbai attacks,people have been blaming Pakistan as a country for the same.In this regard,i would like to make you aware,the other nation too has people like us,they too are scared of the same disease.
I would like to tell you that a friend of mine,an Indian,was associated with a project of the British Council,named 'Beyond Borders'-which consisted of participants from 5 Asian states including India,and Pakistani delegates were there too.She has her own version of her own interaction with the pakistani delegates,which has made her Anti-Terrorism,and not Anti-Pakistan..

Not stretching this too far,i would just like tgo appeal to all the responsible citizens of the world,that we can FIGHT A FEELING AND WIN A STATE(as a good neighbour).