This New Year's Eve-Last hours of 2012

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Something from my pen for my friends this New Year's Eve:

For all the laughter, 
For all the happiness, 
For all the moments of you being there, 
For all the sadness you had to with me share, 
Thank you for an awesome 2012 year, 
Hope 2013 brings along more moments to be cherished and to share :-)


Shoppers Stop Perfect Look

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And Indiblogger along with Shoppers Stop are playing with us to pick up the "Shoppers Stop Perfect Look".

Shoppers Stop !!!
I feel its unfair. Just one look cannot contain it all what I wish, or what I would like to pick, or I wish to design.

Either ways, its not one look just.
Party in full swing .. Flaunt it Purply !!!

If its the Evening step-out for parties with friends by your side, Shoppers Stop has a wonderful collection, but considering my personal inclination towards Purple

Work it out !!! With Pink Blue Purple in absolute full style !!!

And if you are all set for the perfect look for not just for office, but also for parties, how about a Purplish angle to it too

And this is not just all, for the collection Shoppers Stop has, for every perfect ingredient for the perfect look for the perfect you, visit

Live it Stylish !!! Just with no bandish !!!


My Straight hair Experiment - Wavy to Straight

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Finally I get to pen my issues with my so-called wavy hair, courtesy Indiblogger.. And how I ended up straightening them up, as they suit well with my Formal Look at office, And easy to handle and cute to look at wedding functions of friends and other occasions.

I still remember the frequent unwanted tangles in my hair - to - now finally straight and easy to handle and maintain long straight luscious hair. Should I attribute this to the absolute use of Sunsilk range of Shampoo and conditioners that I use on a regular basis.

And then my look changed too ... 

From difficult to set, and even more difficult to detangle... 


To ... An easy look .. the perfect one for every ocassion ..


I used Sunsilk !!!
I used my hair straightener, which my sister bought me !!!
I experimented with absolute care !!!
And yes, Straight hair suits me far better than my wavy hair look ...
I supaa love it now ...

(This post was written for "Sunsilk Hair Experiment" Contest by Indiblogger and Sunsilk)


Black does it all

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The Colour BLACK ..

Its said to be dark, its said the the color of coal, its said to be the color of night, but indeed it brings along with it absolute unending light.

It is the only color that appears randomly on and off in your wardrobe, the only color that is loved by all. You are beautiful, you are pretty, you are you, when the glow is added with the presence of a black attire.

Its perfectly and its insanely informal. Its just the perfect solution for every situation, for every occasion, every kinda party, every kinda meeting. Its just the every other alternative.

It goes with every colour. You can couple it up with every footwear of yours and with every accessory that your shelf has.

You do not really have to think, when you have a black dress handy .. If you still don't have one, I recommend getting one ASAP.



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Your PerfectHairDo Tip by Nikhil Sharma - Sebastian Design Artist and Creative Director at Affinity Salon !!!
Its absolutely your style, your look !!!
Play with your hair is what he says !!!