New Delhi-Siliguri (Day 1)

9:54 PM CS Reema Jain 11 Comments

Post 1st Day - Convention Ghaziabad
Met at Ghaziabad,
Friends se badh gaya tha connection,
ab milne ka plan tha,
in some other National Convention.

Some days later,
realized some of us were selected,
Ghaziabad ke baad,
Ab Siliguri was to get us connected.

Times were such,
Mere liye Siliguri was looking bleak,
Convincing daddy dear for my outstation convention,
Sarabjit, Me and Ashish
Was a bit difficult, but i felt t'was a convincing dream.

Thodi nautanki,
thodi masti,
Seeing my passion,
Daddy dear funded my mission(Tickets).

Ashish and Sarabjit,
had a big part to play,
One a localite from Siliguri,
And another on the same flight which i was to take.

Finally, all set,
Packings done,
Mom on the airport was crying,
But I was ready to have fun.

Check-in, tickets all done,
Luckily had tickets with dost teen,
4A,4B,4D thhe teeno, 4C mil gayi mujhe,
And hearing this, desperation to meet again was keen.

Paploo banaaya Delhi Airport par Ashish ne mera,
Bola Mumbai Airport Pahunche hain yaar,
Par phir sunaayi diya mujhe on call,
Ye Delhi Airport par ho rahi announcement baar-baar.

Mile chaaro hum,
kiya bahut enjoy,
Anuradha, Me, Ashish and Swapnil,
Chala Siliguri ye Convoy.

Flight par constant gappe,
Maine Anu and Swappie ne maari,
Ashish ne ki poore raste,
Ek Maharashtrian TV Actress/Photographer ke saath sawaari.

Bhot Khichaayi ki uski,
Photos bhi click kar daali,
But the cute friend that he is,
Saari wo pics, delete bhi kar daali.

Siliguri pahunche,
Calls kare sabne,
Siliguri safely pahuchne ke,
ghar par apne-apne..

Phir bataaya friend Sarabjit ko,
pahuch gaye hum tere des,
Phir itni dialogue-baazi hui,
Ki vides naahi, hai ye apna hi des.

Reached the hotel and All settled we were,
New Friends and some old ones were to also come,
And waiting for them we were set to have fun,
Thoda thoda, more and some.

Milne aaye SICASA k log and Council Members,
Kiya Venue Savin Kingdom par aane ka invite,
Fir sabne kiya thoda relax,mile with people (Srikkanth, Mohit, Anjani) around,
And sab chale ek-saath liye Venue ki ye flight(Cab)...

Was astonished and speechless when,
Met Manish Sir-the Convenor of the Convention,
And he rather than asking ki ji naam bataao,
Sabke naam with Locations, kardiye unhone mention.

Wahaan se nikle en-route Sevoke
Haseen Vaadiyo and mountains ke beech,
Saath doston ka ekdum,
And masti mein kar rahe photos kheech.

Returned to the Hotel after that,
Dinner ka plan sabka was with Sarabjit,
Went to his place, met his family as well,
With all happiness and sweetly did they greet.

Remember the Pakora Party,
With Bengali Rasogullas and a lot more to eat,
And then Sarabjit's Mom and Didi speaking,
Dripping was the warmthness in their greet.

Left for dinner we all,
Sarovar Inn was the next pit-stop,
Sumptuous dinner and then started,
Though short-lived, meri and Ashish ki fights non-stop.

Gussa and ladaai hui chhooo in thodi si der,
Best Buddies we are-others should scare,
Uske baad, pool side hum friends ka photo-session,
And Bhakti ki kar rahe wait, her train getting late, all of us in tension.

Back hotel we reached,
3 hours more for Bhakti to reach,
Ashish and Swapnil still finalizing there PPT's,
And me n Anu, taking a short nap is beech.

Khatam hua wait,
Ayi finally Princess Bhakti,
Tab bomb foota ki,
PPT abhi in madam ki bhi hai rehti.

But then me and Anu went to sleep,
Bhakti, Swap and Ashish hue lupt,
PPT mein lag gaye jutt,
And 1st Day of Siliguri samaapt, hum khush.

(To be continued....)