my life

6:06 PM CS Reema Jain 6 Comments

Today as I look down the memory lane,
feel sometimes-everything unworthy and in vain.
But,then pop-up moments of happiness,
tearing apart all weary moods&sulkenness.
The flowers of spring-blossom and bloom,
cheer me up-take me out of doom.
The rainbow,The river-wash my tears,
I owe them the smile I now wear.
That was the time when I did not believe,
neither had confidence,almost in grief.
The time when I just thought,
In the company of ills-I'll become the apple who is rot.
Then everything seemed to me dark and gloomy,
Everything false-nothing true to me.
Where every right came after a duty,
And i enjoyed the artificial life with a "frooty".
But,now everything seems so different,
I feel I had the qualities in me inherent.
My confidence keeps just boosting on & on,
As if,all the battles of life by me-won.
All happiness at my doorstep,
Nothing left unconquered by me-by now,as yet.
Just hardship paving way to success,
And presenting a new individual with utter faithfulness.
My persona,My viewpoint all has changed,
My goal,My aim-specified and ranged.
Nothing more would shake me now,
And see how the world says-This girl-THEN & NOW.