missing u a lot my alter ego

5:41 PM CS Reema Jain 4 Comments

missing u a lot ms.mohua dutta. Wel this post is a total dedication to u..i don't know,how big or how small its gonna b, but surely it aims at encompassing the gud and bad times we've had in three years at clg..the win-win situation that we always had with each other. however, the two of us ogether were the priority and not just one of us. If teachers had to enquire about me, they used to ask u..and about u, they asked me.n when both of us were at clg, dare we attend any class properly.our unending talks would supersede the lecturer's class..I even wish to remind u of the classes we bunked in 1st year, to the 8.30 am lectures we rarely attended in the IInd and IIIrd year.. Then, how coincidentally, we always started from our places for clg around the same tym..and reachd clg around the same tym 2..And about the farewell party, where aunty and ritesh started crying , but we 2 idiots maintained our cool, and how u were the topic of discussions amongst the common frnds that we have.. Well, now if i write more, wl surely cry...So, i would not say a bye to you girl, but, surely a 'Take Care' and a 'Thank You' for being there with me.