A T!Re$0mE d@y---8th December'2008

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Well this is an account of one of the most tiresome days of this year for me and friend-Priyanks(whom i have referred too,in the previous post too). Starting at arnd 10.15am from Janakpuri,we decided to get to Connaught Place to submit our CV's at the CA firms(this has been elaborated by me in "References").We were really pissed off due to the response received over there.Moreover,due to the complexity of locations and the vastness of CP as in the area it covers to its credit,we had to take several rounds of the same circle to get to different firms.(Here,i would love to mention,that i have done my articleship at Barakhamba Road for almost a year,and knew each block perfectly,but that day i realised i need to revise and recapsulate the various blocks and locations again).And our perfect match of wearing heels,instead of floaters or shoes(which would have been comfortable any day),did its bit of making our day tiresome.But,still the heels had their part for "the perfect formal look".What added more to our pain and agony,was the treatment which was met to us and more importantly to our CV's at most,infact,all of these firms.A piece of advice to anyone and everyone,who would like to go to CP, please don't catch the places by their addresses,as most of them are not sequentially placed;may it be in the inner circle or the outer one..But, three relaxing moments...meeting three himanshu's..2 we knew,the 3ed one a sheer coincidence,but,infact a gud 1.
  • Himanshu Malhotra-we met him twice,infact,twice outside Keventer's itself,roaming and freaking out with a colleague of his.And the third time,he was caught walking past McDonald's of the Inner Circle...(Priyanka and me were forced to ask him..that "Are CA's supposed to be 'vellas'?")
  • Himanshu Garg-Another friend,whom we caught up with when we went to drop a resume at his office.And then,he too was out with us at Keventer's having the milk shake there,and giving us his input on the present scenario in the world around.

O0ooopppss,by the way i forgot to mention their inputs on "References" in my previous post.Sorry,buddies for that..But,i have surely compensated for that by making that input a worthy mention here. The 3rd Himanshu is a secret one,which Priyanka and me would like to disclose,only if something worthy would materialise from his firm......

But, in all a tiresome day,with are legs paining to the maxo extent possible,but these 3 people did add some goodness too it..And our support for each other(Priyanka and me),kept us walking,inspite of our legs declining to walk ahead....

A lesson learnt...An experience undertaken....And that's why my blog-'Life's an experience in itself'