An Apology

3:37 PM CS Reema Jain 5 Comments

Hey Friends,
Apologies first to all my blog visitors for not updating it for a long time now.Secondly,thanx 2 ma frnd Shailesh Gupta jiske blog updates dekh dekh ke i finally decided to put smthing on my blog...Thanx Shailesh...I guessthis surely has to be yermed as an apology post..An Apology to myself for not taking care of my health,and thus having a good excuse not to study.An apology to my friends for not taking their calls and not responding to their messages either..(But the circumstances were such,that i could not:My excuses are always ready)..An Apology to my friend Mohua for not being there when she needed me(She knows the reasons for the same)....An apology to all others whom i might have missed out....