A Dedication to 6 really close friends

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You stand as a synonym to word "friends"
You stand with me by far and large
You are a gift in true sense
Who keeps me happy with all charge

My sorrows are played upon you
Turning them all into joy and happiness
And all my low tides are reduced to few
Thanks to our friendship's chirpiness

The beautiful bond that we share
The wonderful equation that we pair
In so many words how u care
Is found among friends so rare

Hope this spirit never ends,
May our friendship never die
Inspite of all sorts of bends,
May happiness rule we never cry

The care keeps developing more,
Making each realize the essence of other
Turning it deeper on the core,
The flower of friendship never wither

The enormous fun we create ,
The ever nonsensical mood we have
Has given us a beautiful fate
Which we should never ever rate

The kiddishness in me,
Well accepted by you
How its about us and not me ,
We are the best of friends so true

Standing for each other at odd times ,
In happiness as all do
For a true friend u stand prime ,
And such friends are really few

Each's deficiency fulfilled by the other ,
Supplementing each other to the best
Any kind of hindrance never to us bother
We are the best above all the rest

Together we are the best of all,
Fun filled yet sensible at the same time
In front of problems we stand tall
As for we friends  "we" stands prime


Gautam Joshi said...
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Gautam Joshi said...

Hi Reema,

Good to see you blogging after a long time! I know you would be very busy preparing for CA! Though how well you wrote this! It's so true! These days I am reading OSHO and your poem is somewhere similar to it that it's not about me n you, it's about we! Buddha says there is no two things here and all is one! so u,me n we!

Keep blogging!

Reema Jain said...

Thanx buddy

\Anu.Jay/ said...

Does seems like u guys hav had a lot of funn...and also like d way u put together d words!!
awesome one here...

Reema Jain said...

knw wt...out of these 6 friends..there are school,college as well as friends made while pursuing CA...