I am what I am

9:28 AM Unknown 3 Comments

People say I am different,
People say I am a geek,
People say I am a nerd,
To all I say- I am what I am...

With critics around,
With friends to hold on,
With support from known and unknown,
In all this I say- I am what I am...

With things in my favor,
With some turning against,
With all tides-high and low,
Amidst all happiness and sorrow- I am what I am...

I am what I am,
I am what my people make me,
I am what situations create me,
And I am still what I am...
                                            - the confident, cheerful, passionate girl, who loves to do routine things differently
and still being the same...


Leo said...

That's good :) To be who you are is very important, if you try hard to be someone else, you're abandoning a wonderful life.

Well writ.

Are you really a geek?
Sounds good :D

ricky said...

thats good....