Top 6 pieces of advice for future interior designers

12:09 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

If you are looking to become a top interior designer and turn your passion into a successful career, you should follow these six helpful guidelines.

Get training and experience: One of the biggest first steps you can take is to gain experience in the field of interior design. Maybe you can start by taking a short course in interior design at a fashion institute like this one and learn the skills you will need to begin working. It is helpful to know what your strengths and weaknesses are beforehand in order to take the right classes and improve upon your skills. Another useful way to gain experience is to get an internship. This will show you what it is like to work as an interior designer and help you grow in the industry.

Put together a portfolio: Document all of the projects you work on whether it is at an internship or at school. It is also helpful to keep a digital portfolio that you can share online or in blogs to show off what you have accomplished so far. You never know who will notice!

Don’t search for perfection: Interior design is not about staging a picture perfect room all of the time. When you are designing keep in mind that rooms are meant to be as comfortable and warming as they are beautiful to look at. Design draws on how people feel.

Believe in yourself: Always remind yourself that if you put effort into your passion everything will be okay. Setbacks and trialing times are inevitable in a competitive industry so it is always important to believe in your talents.

Practice your math skills: Interior design and architecture have many things in common and math plays an important role in everyday work of both professions. The best interior designers are skilled and know how to scale drawings and calculate their vision. Brushing up on your math skills will set you apart from the average designers.

Keep looking for inspiration everywhere and know your clients: Always absorb the world around you and take your inspiration for future projects from everything. Picking up on how every type of room is designed and learning different styles will make you a very successful interior designer. It is also important to know and understand your client. By getting to know your client you will be able to design a space for them that they will love. Function and style go hand in hand.