Vami to transcend the future of modern women clothing

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In a hustle bustle of daily life, it is not easy for most of the people sticking to a regular physical activity in routine. If say about India, the situation is more acute for women. They excel in almost everything but overlook their own selves. Most of the times the reason is not the desire but the uneasiness to do the physical activities in the ordinary clothing.
What if, we can have a moment to ease our stress and get a chance to balance our energies whenever
we want?
Addressing the choices irrespective of gender, class or ethnic disparities that exist around us. Vami initiated a web series to aware women about various yoga postures that will gradually make a difference towards their healthy lifestyle. Vami encourages every woman who is a multi-tasker and frisking from home to office and back to home to steal a moment whenever they wish and indulge in asanas like stair asana, read asana, laptop asana, sofa asana, chair asana, mobile asana, desktop asana or a slide asana depending on the hour of the day.

Vami is a lifestyle brand which is dealing in leggings and blouses for everyday woman who is in dearth of time to do the physical activities like yoga, running et al to keep them fit. It is the brand for the every woman who wishes to maximise workout ways and minimise the load they are lugging to and from the office. It will not be wrong to say that Vami is just not any other brand of legging but the most versatile brand for everyday women who like to dress up gracefully without fearing any oops moment.
Vami is the epitome of legging wear which will be highly accepted by India women who dress up for
fashion and mobility. The ankle leggings can be perfectly matched for office, parties or casual wear.
The brand caters the variation for young women who can team it up with crop tops, long tops or kurtis.

The entire product-line is made with the intent to keep it comfortable and stretchable to fit your body type. The leggings are made with the finest cotton which guarantees you remain on move for all day long. The fabric is designed to last in its shape wash after wash. Vami leggings is a must part of your wardrobe.
According to Mr. Vineet Aurora, General Manager, and Marketing” Vami is brand for every woman.
Vami intends to increase the awareness of its consumer towards the leisure of life which can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Vami produces high quality product line which ensures its customer of its durability and cost effectiveness.”

About Vami

Vami is a lifestyle brand started in 2012, by Bonjour Group, the first Indian multinational socks brand. The brand has become the market leader in north India in a flash. The products represent the pinnacle of Indian raftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail. Vami deals in a wide range of churidar, ankle length leggings, capri and blouses .Vami has 15 exclusive brand outlets plus the entire product line is also available on Amazon, flipkart, snapdeal et al. Vami is the only brand in India using high-end technology to provide hygiene based product line to its customers.