2:24 PM CS Reema Jain 5 Comments

Rishte pyaar se nibhaane padte hain,
ehsaas kuch churaane padte hain,
Jaane anjaane kab ek naya rishta ban jaaye,
aur chupke se ye dil kho jaaye.


vineet said...

fir rishto mein kho gayi . are padai pe dhyan de . remember the most important personallity in ur life should be u nd the most important purpose should be your and your family's happiness. nobody else in this world is as important as u r to urself , so please don't distract

Samir said...

Suggession has to be taken care..


good one

Reema Jain said...

Arey studies also going on..This happens in pass-time

Reema Jain said...

@Samir & Nikhil
Thanx guys for your valuable comments