i want to have everything

3:35 PM vineet 0 Comments

i want to have everything , i mean everything
from the hairs of a golden hen , to the golden berries they bring

i want the world , i want the universe , i want the space
i want my enigma of wishes understood with the best grace

i want to love whatever i do and be loved for the same
i want to rank prime in terms of money , power and fame

i wanna say everything what i feel nd sometimes without any feel
i wanna hear everthing said for me , whether said on or off real

i wanna observe every fragrance spread just for my senses
i wanna play every game nd win them every time with no nuances

i wanna pursue every study i like to learn about
i wanna sue every body who inadvertently churn and shout

i wanna write whatever my heart orders my pen
i wanna right things the way it is prescribed by Zen

i wanna do , i want to do , i will do whatever , wherever , whenever i eyes to sustain
i will accept everything given by almighty,  smiles , strength , sweet , sorrows or pain