A really close friend

8:34 PM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

With a friend like you in my life,happiness is supposed to be there at all times..one of my closest friends...Indeed my best friend typo...So u deserve a special mention on my blog...A special poem for u Vineet

We talk without reasons,
We talk without a topic,
Sometimes totally irrational,
But Yes it has "the feel good factor".

The first thought never ignited,
that we will remain friends for so long,
but good god has graced us with,
This beautiful gift of being friends.

So alike we think,
But irrationally at times I behave,
your advise however works,
at all times for me..

Something in you,
inspires me a lot,
I guess its in you and is,
your positivity in the first shot.

The way you inspire me,
to study really hard,
as if u have been reading for me,
some readings via a tarot card.

Adding more to your personality,
is your dynamic nature,
but how I really wonder,
Can God create such a multi-talented creature.

Born to give happiness to all,
Wish you never see pitfalls,
Another wish that come from my heart,
May we remain friends forever.


vineet said...

just a thanks is not enough for this , truly this is a great great gesture . the feeling generated can't be xpressed in words ever . thanks a ton , thanks raised to the power infinite reems

Reems said...

And this Thanks is not welcome Vineet....Among Friends, No sorries and No thank u's