Black does it all

12:42 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

The Colour BLACK ..

Its said to be dark, its said the the color of coal, its said to be the color of night, but indeed it brings along with it absolute unending light.

It is the only color that appears randomly on and off in your wardrobe, the only color that is loved by all. You are beautiful, you are pretty, you are you, when the glow is added with the presence of a black attire.

Its perfectly and its insanely informal. Its just the perfect solution for every situation, for every occasion, every kinda party, every kinda meeting. Its just the every other alternative.

It goes with every colour. You can couple it up with every footwear of yours and with every accessory that your shelf has.

You do not really have to think, when you have a black dress handy .. If you still don't have one, I recommend getting one ASAP.