My Straight hair Experiment - Wavy to Straight

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Finally I get to pen my issues with my so-called wavy hair, courtesy Indiblogger.. And how I ended up straightening them up, as they suit well with my Formal Look at office, And easy to handle and cute to look at wedding functions of friends and other occasions.

I still remember the frequent unwanted tangles in my hair - to - now finally straight and easy to handle and maintain long straight luscious hair. Should I attribute this to the absolute use of Sunsilk range of Shampoo and conditioners that I use on a regular basis.

And then my look changed too ... 

From difficult to set, and even more difficult to detangle... 


To ... An easy look .. the perfect one for every ocassion ..


I used Sunsilk !!!
I used my hair straightener, which my sister bought me !!!
I experimented with absolute care !!!
And yes, Straight hair suits me far better than my wavy hair look ...
I supaa love it now ...

(This post was written for "Sunsilk Hair Experiment" Contest by Indiblogger and Sunsilk)


Nice :-) Interesting blog post :-)