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In a recent session hosted by Gillette Venus  at Vivanta By Taj (New Delhi) issues related to shaving and hair removal amongst women came up. The seminar included many aspects of shaving and discussed myths associated with shaving. The campaign is named #subscribetosmooth challenge. 

Whether to use a razor for shaving or not is a common question among most of the urban working women these days. With a busy life style and Packed working schedules most women give parlour a miss. But this sacrifice on personal care may not yield desired results. So this time actress Kriti Sanon along with Dr Rashmi Sethi ( Aesthetic Physician) and Namrata soni came as panel. Session included at length the anxiety women have before shaving as we all are into the habit of waxing our hair. Trying something new may sound like a bad idea for most ladies, including me.

A few personal experiences from the panel made me courageous enough to try this product and Yes, I have taken up a 30-Days #Subscribetosmooth challenge. Highlighting the various benefits of shaving Namrata Soni said, “Contrary to the belief, shaving is actually one of the widely recommended method of hair removal for women. It helps in maintaining the health of the skin by keeping it soft, smooth and in exfoliating the skin, as well. As a matter of fact, shaving must become a part of every woman’s regular beauty regime. Gillette Venus razors not only give the ease and convenience of shaving, but also is the safest method of hair removal”.

Now I feel that replacing our current waxing routines would be much easier, healthier and hassle free option. This product is much of what I would like to replace with my monthly hair waxing regime. Do give it a try and hopefully it would change your notion about shaving too leaving you happy and satisfied.

Happy shaving. 

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