Using the Kalam (Pen) for Dr. Kalam

9:36 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

Ever since day before yesterday evening, the nation just wants to mourn, feel sad and depressed that Dr. Kalam is no more. With a visionary, a teacher, a president, a missile-man that he ever has been,he never stopped being an Aam Aadmi..

Right from getting out of the Rastrapati Bhawan for a walk, without his security to standing in a normal queue at the time of elections to cast his vote; he has always been one man who has kept his feet grounded, despite all the success that he had achieved.

In a situation like today, where the nation is in a way orphaned(and I mean it), instead of mourning the loss, we should indeed celebrate his life.

Rather than sharing his popular 10-sayings, we should rather try to inculcate those in our lives, and strive towards being a being a better Indian and an even better human being.

Some others(including me) have been sending messages which read "He died doing what he has always done. He died doing what he always loved." 

Well, on this juncture, almost 2 days after this sudden shock, do we really understand, what we love doing, what we intend always to do, and where we should have been and where we are. If that awakening comes in our mind, what shall also come is enlightenment, grounding to our root and culture, love and compassion and moreover, being what we are and being the best in that. This particular identification in the mind of a (un)radical, (il)logical and (ir)rational is the most required in an era where we live and the society that we are a part of.

The Preamble to the Constitution of India, which we as students learnt in Civics (Grade 6th precisely), Dr. Kalam was a living example for it. 

“WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:
JUSTICE, social, economic and political;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;
and to promote among them all
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;

This man lived like an India, served like an Indian, and died as an Indian, and all Indians, whether of Caste, Creed, Religion mourned his loss. A true Synonym for India indeed he is.

And after having expressed so much on this, I should get back to reading a book by him Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power Within India by A P J Abdul Kalam; Viking, 2002, which I've had in my library for the last 6 years.

And this was my tribute to this great man ! By working an extra hour, by celebrating what he wanted us to always do !