A "Sorry" is not always enough

12:58 AM Unknown 4 Comments

The five letter word,
Makes a difference for sure,
But not,when intentionally done,
And repeated over time with no cure.

Its not always,
That you have to win,
Its not always,
That I have committed a sin.

Its not that I should be patient always,
Its not that I should always be hurt,
But you should learn to mend your ways,
Or else in our friendship it will scatter dirt.

Its just that I am feeling bit bad,
And that I now wish to take a stand,
That your words be better now or never,
And that shall decide- We friends-Never or Forever.....


Varun Bhalla said...

the poem is as nice as my friend :) .. great one reema :)

Reems said...

Thanx Varun

Mohua said...

Now here's a poem which seems to be heartfelt and sincere.. no melodramatic/fancy phrases, bt direct and driving the point home.. cn totally relate to each n every line of it..
Good job!!

A very nice poem...Yes, Sometimes sorry isn't enough...when things are done to hurt you intentionally...