Impromptu (contd.)

12:24 AM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

The dart game is taking a toll on me,
Sometimes I feel I am strong and upright,
And sometimes as if I am going crazy.

Feeling frenzied and,
I do not know what is it,
But sometimes as if like a tight band on my hand.

Words seeming scattered,
Feelings totally shattered,
And I have been battered.

Its not always you who should win the quarrel,
Not always bcz of you it should be a low-feeling me,
Coz baby its not just about You,
But about You,Me and We.

(No resemblance with anyone and no parallels with reality to be drawn.It is purely a work of fiction)


sahil said...

good work

Reems said...

Thanx Sahil