Eau De Monsoon - Shout thy Stomachs

11:33 PM CS Reema Jain 3 Comments

Saturday Afternoon it was,
Amongst fellow bloggers around,
Some already whom I knew,
Some new ones found.

A bunch of food bloggers,
Some lifestyle bloggers too,
All ready to taste the delicacies,
With Starwood Group, LeMeridien Delhi and their Crew.

Vegetarian Me, was surprised to see,
The amazing style how a Samosa could be,
And Prior to it I forgot to mention,
Amuse-bouche it was, before menu Degustation.

Wines poured into glasses of all,
Myself non-alcoholic though,
Stayed away from it all completely,
But heard others relishing its taste in full flow.

Tandoori Paneer, Tamarind Glaze,
This is which are tongues had to taste,
An absolute relish and a superb present,
And no plate had any waste.

Next in front was,
Tandoori Broccoli Grilled Asparagus,
A new look was unleashed for it,
And infact our stomachs said- Invaded us !!!

Maize Cannelloni,Bell Pepper Couli,
Something to rhyme in the name,
And it constantly hit me,
Not just on my mind, but also taste buds surely.

Cottage Cheese & Spinach, Salan Gravy,
Mum should have been here, she would have been pleased,
To see me have spinach, in any form that it could have be,
And trust me, truly loved it- a vow on thee.

Morels & Aged Basmati - Somehow missed on it,
Reason - Not the fault of the organiser,

But of my blogger buddy photographer,
From whom I was getting clicked the enviro, ambience and me.

Two palate cleansers were also on the menu,
One a Litchi Sorbet- one of its kind,
Followed by a Mixed Berry with Rock Salt,
And mind it you, it was no here halt.

Followed by Discovery and Kahlua,
Two Discoveries Indeed,
One by Chef Vikas and other by Manisha,
These guys are atotal style of different Chefs indeed.

The PR team then had filled us full,
With Mocktails to drink, 
And food too much too full,
And with eyes perfect wink.

It ended on a chocolaty note,
By Meridien's Own,
Followed by a pot of Wheatgrass gifted to us,
Which was direct out of Mother Nature's Own.

And then came the amazing View,
It stunned our eyes from the 20th floor,
Meridien then had bloggers few,
Which again was enthralling to the core.

Somellier Magandeep and Anjali Mehra,
You two deserve a special mention,
Apart from Team Blogathon,
Your interaction and aura took away my attention.


Akshita Jain said...

good one !!!

lifestyle, food style, poetry style... I don't know what to call it... but your blog is really stylish :)

_ My first visit

Reema Jain said...

Thanx Akshita and Gaurav :-)