Dream With Your Eyes Open

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A sunny afternoon it was and I was wishing it should rain. But, God my dear, had no plans or it. At the same time around, a friend of mine striked the bell of my house and and gave a call at the same time, to ensure my presence at my place.

And the very next question - "Are You Home? Let's catch up ! I'm bored sitting and shuffling between home and office and home-and-office, day in and day out.". And mind you, all this, without a pause...   Aaaahhhhh... A sigh of relief after hearing this start-to-end. And I jumped with an answer YES... Right on the bean bag, I was sitting on, well within the comforts of my home and to get a stunned and surprising, shocking and yes a horrifying look from my elder sister(Who was worried if the bean bag would burst out).

Did away with the level of permissions before stepping out of my place, in my biggggg world of dreams (my dad and my eldest sister calls them illusions).. But then, I was all set to go.

Landed up at Connaught Place, and pushed my friend inside Oxford Bookstore.. And that's my kind of a place, that gives me solace and peace.

Now cutting it rather short, as I anyways love writing and putting down my expressions, i would rather put forward a review of what I read, bought, re-read and yes continue to be inspired by.


Entrepreneur, director and philanthropist Ronnie Screwvala has penned a book on entrepreneurship, Dream With Your Eyes Open. His career spanning some 25 years and all his failures, learnings and inspirations are penned well in it. True enough to inspire the reader. 

The book shares failures and triumphs in simple, comprehensible narrative. It constantly inspires the youth to get inspired, rise above all odds and more importantly to dream and dream big.  This man seems full of  energy, drive, passion and risk-taking ability.

I certainly would like to quote "Entrepreneurship is a journey, not an outing. You can't make a deal with yourself by saying, 'I'm going to try this out for two years and see'. You have to stay the course. 

Though non-fiction is a section which has a limited readership, but this book truly stands apart, not just about Ronnie, but also about what an impact it can and it does make on young minds and especially the budding entrepreneurs. One streak that constantly keeps coming over and over again is about is his passion to spark change. A change in all-set bollywood industry, a change in marketing films, a change in the perception and mindset of viewers and ofcourse a change in making the real and the surreal.

Team work, an open work culture, failure being a part and parcel of the journey and just not the end, planning tip-to-top and embracing a vision which to the others seems unachieveable are some of the strong points of Ronnie Screwvala the man, which constantly keep following you, even after having read it so many times.

One particular for sure, which every entrepreneur needs to learn from his Entrepreneurial Journey is - If you can talk at Length about your success, You should be equally comfortable talking about your failures, as they are the hurdles which have made you emerge you as a winner.

Looking forward to reading another one by him ! Looking forward to my next evening at oxford !