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Garden Torch by

This is what I feel decowindow is all about.. To those who feel, I am probably the one who loves interior designs and checking through what suits my house the best.. I must make it clear, I landed up on this really chic, and yes I really mean chic website, coz these words are synonyms more for a she than a he.

Now, when most of the things that catches an eye, while decorating your home, the exteriors make the first impression. And in the same streak, what caught my eye was the GARDEN TORCH by decowindow.

Something that is igniting, its flames instilling vigor in the self and ofcourse guiding us to stay enlighted and enlightened.

In the night these torches enhances the beauty of your house and garden. Garden that adds beauty to the look of your house is generally ignored. These garden torches add a touch of class to your garden.

Further, what adds as a striking feature is that they require non-combustible oil or there fuel is also available online.

The highlighting features of Garden torches are:
  • These torches are medium sized about 44″ or 60”.
  • They are made of iron
  • They are sleek and has a captivating look.
  • They are light weight
  • The parts of the torch are easy to compile and weather proof
These Rs. 1999/- worth of Garden Torches, available in a set of 4, there are some handling Instructions that one must know:
1) These torches are meant to be used outdoors only, away from combustible substances.
2) Keep away from children and pets.
3) The oils that is recommended to use is available online. Use only non-combustible oil such as Citronella. Do not use combustible oils such as kerosene.
4) Fill oil only till the level indicated.
5) Do not put any water on the wick.
6) Put out with a snuffer only.
After using the garden torches make sure that they are properly clean and completely dry before you keep it in the box.

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