My Workline... my HandHeld... My Line

9:39 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

After almost a year of owning this masterpiece, my HTC One M8.. Yes, I call it a masterpiece as it takes care of my daily work related tasks to phonecalls to messages and to my most-favorite.. pictures and SELFIES.. I surely need to share about this friend of mine...
Now How I met my friend (too much inspired by the title of "How I met your mother"), is itself a story. My younger sister and me were together in this mood of changing our phones and for sure not exchanging them with each other. I was all set and had made up my mind for an iPhone, where suddenly my sister started playing with my mind and diverting it towards now-my-dear-friend, my HTC One M8.. After almost a week of discussions, one-sided which were at her end, and too much pros-and-cons discussions (and again one-sided), the verdict was finally laid. And within 2 days it was in my hand.

 This phone made the SELFIE PRINCESS of the GMCS Batch, the official photographer, focus shifting on me and my phone and seeing the price and style, the blue-eyed girl too.

Its performance is silky smooth and unlike my Blackberry 9320 which automatically keeps turning on-and-off on odd intervals, it is absolutely under the control of its battery and always at my service. 

Its camera quality is at par with those of its likes like Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 is put to shame.

Too many themes to offer, vibrant colors that you can experience, for me, its more of a She type.

With the great User Interface that it has to offer, its an absolute Value for Money. Superior and Excellent call quality, a great battery life and an ultimate look to offer...

Once this phone, which was not on my list, is today MINE.

And till the time, I find an equally or more trusted friend like this, God Bless Us !!!