Nau! - Nay You !!! : Green Eye-Wear and Hyaluronic Gel Based Lenses

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Limited Edition Collection which loves the environment and is based on the concept of Eco and Green. The 1st brand in Europe to obtain environmental certification. It is one which is less toxic and more pure. Its Nau! coz its NOW. 

The team behind Nau! feels 'spending on customers is the best way to invest'. The company is already in the e-com sector and its is developing itself more in the online segment in the times to come. 

It has its exclusive stores, latest being in Ambience, Gurgaon. It does not follow the concept of operating vide a multi-brand store. 

The Green Eye wear collection is made of 96% recycled plastic material and is in line with company's commitment towards protecting the environment. The eye-gear is quirky, stylish, colorful and spunky. It adds life to life.

The price is affordable between the price range of 1990-9990. It strives to cater to all segments and offer all varieties. Customization of the eye-wear is possible which shall take a reasonable amount of time to be suitable for the customer.

Some snapshots after having picked up a Nau!