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The elegant, consumer-centric design of the new Vedic collection website provides an innovative platform for our users that will boost the discoverability of our products and drive sales. There is an abundance of relevant and useful information on the site such as usage, tips, ideas and benefits of essential oils. This new website launch takes into account several of the most requested features including addition of tips and tricks, in-depth information on essential oils and aromatherapy, and enhanced search functionality, all of which give the reader a pleasurable viewing experience. We are pleased to see the young digital influencers who have participated in the Bloggers event and I courteously thank them for their enthusiastic participation .Vedic Collection looks forward to sharing and creating greater momentum with them.”

- Divita KanoriaFounder and Chief wellness Officer

Vedic Collection has launched a new, redesigned version of its website- Key features of the site include a cleaner and more attractive design, a more engaging user experience with enhanced search and navigation. A Refreshed and simplified look combined with optimization for mobile devices which allows consumers to better interact with Vedic Collection online.

The site intends to build an online community that changes the beauty-shopping pattern; an interactive community where consumers’opinions matter and where all beauty lovers are valued. So one can actually try out a product prior to buying it by choosing samples and getting them delivered.The users can also sign up for exclusive newsletters as well as the Vedic Collection’s special deals.

A blogger's meet was conducted on December 12, 2015 where Vedic Collection founder, Ms Divita Kanoria and the team disseminated valuable information to enhance the skills, knowledge and outreach of the participating audience

The event witnessed some fun filled activities like ‘What’s your skin age’ wherein we bloggers filled up a form to determine the actual age of our skin; ‘What’s your Rashi’?after which we were given an essential oil according to our respective sun signs. There were also enthralling round of discussions and a good grub session.There was hands-on experience and personal guidance from the learned experts of Aromatherapy which was engaging and interesting.


Vedic Collection specializes in Essential Oils and Aromatherapy based products for the mind, body and spirit under the categories Tatha and Samaya. 

The consumers can choose the beauty products according to natural ingredients like Almonds, Rose, Lavender, etc and customize their own beauty box according to their regime,diet, skin type etc.

 About Vedic Collection

The Vedic Collection is totally committed to provide pure, natural, safe and effective products, thereby, enhancing and enriching the lives of all those we touch. All our products are handmade under strict quality supervision and are paraben, sulphate and chemical free and are not tested on animals. We use, only recyclable glass bottles for storing our products to maintain its purity, as we are aware that plastic containers react with the essential ingredients used in aromatherapy and loses its potency.Our products are 100% pure, authentic, unique and safe. They do not contain any chemicals.

Face Care: Tatha Face care range suggest you the best natural products according to your skin Kind.

Body Care: Tatha works towards re-establishing harmony and balance. Tatha body care products help in Detoxification, facilitate Healthy living, maintain youthfulness and vitality.

Hair Care: Nourishes the scalp, Keeps Hair Strong, Keep them shining, Keep hair thick, Enhances circulation.

Mens Care: Tatha range for men is focused towards the much herald metro sexual generation.