Restaurant Review - The Common Room

7:14 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

A new pub in the heart of west Delhi promises to promote talent in a big way, an  ideal combination of Good Food & Great Music.

One where the owner Dinesh Arora says, "Tum mujhe Talent do, Main tumhe Stage doonga".

A great dining & lounging experience to all food; wine connoisseurs, and a planned plethora of musical gigs. The one of the kind musical pub, which will promote talent and give a perfect platform to soothing voices to sing live and live up the dream of being a performer.

The Common room offers the common man's meal in the menu and have got dishes like Raastey ka Omellete, Puraani Dilli Kulcha Roll, North Campus ka pasta,  Keema Pav,  Lovers point Pizza, Meat ki Jugalbandi,Rogan Josh & The Common Room Tiffin Boxes to name a few. 

Most Impeccable Flavors

An Impeccable Style of Presentation

Uniqueness and Novelty Unlimited !!!

Western Dishes with an Indian Tadka 

Its all with a perfect Twist !!!

For Once, My Eldest Sister and Mum will be relieved, I tasted Onion Rings for the first time !

However, after-effects had a different realization for them - They were compelled to make this at home and get back the same taste.

Mushrooms in a different way altogether and as a Starter !!!

Glad for the Choice that I made :-)

And in the end came the Brownie :-) :-) :-)

An All Time Favorite !!! 

Ever - Relishing !!!

Taste Buds Ignited !!! 

Relaxing forever !!!

Apart from the food, what deserves an absolute compliment is the style and decor which gives you the feeling that the place is just for you. A place which gives you that peace of mind. It is one which feels like your own. THE COMMON ROOM  as it is named, it fills you with a similar common feeling.