DaMilano's Wooba and Spring Summer Collection: Popping Up Your Style Quotient

10:51 AM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

We were recently invited to the launch of DaMilano's Wooba and Spring Summer Collection. 

The brand has recently launched its Spring-Summer 2 collection and gives you a fabulous reason to celebrate the Spring-Summer season with exquisite range and special price when it comes to shopping for the Spring-Summer season. 

The Collection comes in a amazing plethora of floral designs sensibilities and amazingly bright & sheeny colors and at the same time. The collection contains luxury and styles that are associated with the brand to give every woman her personal style statement. 

Wooba is a simplistic versatile approach to revolutionize travel. The range is known for its precision, durability, lightweight & performance.

Agile, buoyant and lightweight go synonymously with the exquisite range of Wooba travel accessories. Each product is crafted to give a contemporary spin to the regular travel gear, experimenting with the extremely durable canvas paired with leather trims on the edges. The collection is fabricated with best-in-class material, functional superiority and technical innovation to compliment the unique lifestyles of refined travelers. 

Let the vibrancy of the accessories perk up your experience and dazzle others with the exclusivity of leather colors and prints available for both men and women only at Da Milano. Not only this, now you can shop online, you just need to visit http://www.damilano.com and your chic buy is just a click away.

And the perks of being a blogger: you get to meet fellow bloggers so soon and you get a firsthand Quick Info of the new in market by the Brand !