Feeling like writing yet again

1:58 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

I am feeling like writing yet again,
Don't know what and how exactly to say,
But,still my hands keep moving all way.

A flush of all emotions in and out,
Something within me is it,
which wants to sprout.

Something unsensed unheard from long,
What i previously on my own could not even guess,
And, now it feels so real and strong.

People say romance is on the cards,
Love and luck with wide open arms,
My mind is still standing as a guard.

No one believes I am single still,
They say, Baby ur poems say it all,
So u better chill.

I wonder how,
I am romantic at heart,
driving on my own my heart's cart.

I wonder again,
to who will he be,
As an answer to my wishes to the divine thee.