Life is beautiful-a romantic comedy

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Guido who wants to go ahead for opening a bookstore,takes a job as a waiter in the interim.Lives with Uncle(forgotten Uncle's name),and loves Dora,the school teacher(from an aristocratic Italian family) and Dora's parents want her to marry a well-to do civil servant.The Indianness of the movie comes where Dora runs with her lover from her engagement.They get married,have a happy family inclusive of a son:Giosue.Here again there's another Indian aspect ki love marriage k baad maa baap ne accept nhi kia and d bechari daughter n mother r estranged,but,they reconcile finallllllllly,before Giosue's fourth birthday.

A Nazi Concentration Camp,attended by Uncle,Guido & Giosue.Mum Dora(only 1 in red in train as compared to the dark colored clothes others are wearing) goes to her mum.Bollywood Flick "Tara Rum Pum Pum" would surely have taken the inspiration of their poorness as a game to the kids from this movie where Guido tries to convince Giosue badly that The Nazi Concentration Camp is a game.And The camp guards ought to be mean because they want tanks for themselves.Surrounded by rampant death and people and all their sicknesses.The innocent child came easily in the trap,thanx to the wonderful show by his dad and his convincing power of course.

The caring father dies trying to find d mother and making his child laugh even in his last moments.Giosue reunited with Dora..Giosue realizes years later his father's sacrifice.The movie however in both rewind and forward mode is narrated by Giosue himself.

A touching story..Loved it...Got tears badly in my eyes..
Saw it thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to 2 new friends(Courtesy:EduMENTOR) Anujay Mathur aand Abhinav Malhotra...Keep referring me good movies...