Shaving Vs Waxing : #subscribetosmooth challenge

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Waxing had been a terrifying experience from the very time I had started it. I generally dreaded it as it would be just another painful experience with hours in the parlor. And to my annoyance were the rashes and scars I am left with after the waxing session. The irritation sometimes on my skin was just unbearable and I was left with ice cold water and ointments to apply to soothe my skin. The burning sensation and the rashes were always a nightmare while my skin just turned red and blue. Adding to this was the fear of hot wax and unhealthy wax strips which never kept up to the hygiene standards.

But I had to go through it all. But now I could just breathe a sigh of relief as I found a solution in Gillette Venus razor as nothing aches/burns after the usage. I am relaxed and calm. I could easily roam around with a smooth silky skin. I could show off my shiny skin as I get no rashes or after marks as I usually got after waxing. Gillette Venus razor gave me the much needed freedom to flaunt my flawless skin whenever I wanted in just few minutes. Gillette Venus has given me the much relieve from those long parlor visits which took me hours. Now I can shave frequently as per my need and requirement without much hassle of visiting the parlor and I carry my easy solution to hair removal within my bag of daily skincare. Now shaving within a week doesn't burn a hole in my pocket as parlor visits does.

I now feel so relaxed and easy with this smart blade Gillette razor as this product has resolved all my waxing related qualms.

I choose shaving over waxing. How about you? :D

It has been now 4 weeks of this #subscribetosmooth challenge and I can bet this is one of the best experiences so far: coz it does not pain, it makes you believe your skin is smoother than ever, quick and fast.

Thumps Up ! Hands Down !

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